Time flies and the GG Dapp project is already celebrating its half anniversary! GG Dapp is an upcoming gaming platform plus DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. The GG Dapp ecosystem has grown quite a lot since its original inception in 2020 and launch last January. Join us for our 6th sprint review as we visit the most important milestones that we’ve reached so far and the developments that took place in June.

Cartesi Incubator Spotlight: SimThunder

Summer is around the corner, the weather is heating up, and so are our developers keyboards! In May we continued the intense development in SimThunder, our sim racing assets and NFTs marketplace, and in our Pirates 2048 game, our two gaming projects that will be the first integrations of GG Dapp ecosystem.

SimThunder Beta 1.1

April was a month of huge developments for our project as we hit important milestones of our roadmap. Time for GGDApp’s fourth sprint review!

SimThunder Beta 1.0

Spring is right around the corner and so is GG DApp’s third sprint review! Keeping up with our record, the month of March was full of new developments, intense price action, an important new partnership and our first CEX exchange listing. We also got very close to the launch of the first Beta version of Simthunder, our sim racing assets marketplace.

Let’s take it from the beginning!

Partnership with NULS

‘Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. Examples include collectibles, game items, digital art, event tickets, domain names, and even ownership records for physical assets.’

The video game industry in 2020 was worth a staggering $160 Billion, up from $90 Billion in 2016. At the same time, the video game industry is projected to reach $200 Billion in 2023. The total number of gamers amounted to over 2.5 Billion people in 2020 and is steadily increasing. Almost everyone has heard legendary titles such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and FIFA football.

What all these games…

February was another busy month for GG Dapp, another intense development cycle, events and collaborations. It’s time for GG DApp’s second sprint review!

SimThunder — Getting closer to Beta

February has brought us very close to the official launch of Simthunder’s initial Beta, the decentralised marketplace that enables sim racers to exchange sim racing items such as car parts and equipment, as well as NFTs that represent ownership of digital cars in private sim racing leagues. This is one of the core features of the Simracer Coin project, one of the first integrations in GG Dapp.

As we are nearing the completion of our participation in…

It has now been a month since the conclusion of $GGTK pre-sale and our listing on Uniswap. And what an intense month! It was an intense software development cycle, specially in Simthunder, our upcoming sim racing assets marketplace, but also in our Pirates 2048 game. In parallel there were also important news regarding partnerships and, at the end, some wild price action!

Simthunder and Pirates 2048

January marked a very intense and important development cycle, specially in our Simthunder, the sim racing marketplace we’re developing in partnership with Cartesi. We’re now in the final stages of Cartesi Dapp Incubation program so this had to…

One month after the pre-sale and Uniswap listing here’s our tokenomics update. We hope this clarifies the current situation but can always ask about it in our Telegram community.

Current circulating supply: ~3 million GGTK

Total supply: 46 800 000 GGTK

The total amount of locked tokens: 43 500 000 GGTK (93%)

Uniswap liquidity is locked for 1 year.

Token Distribution and Vesting Schedule

On January 10th Crypto Titans conducted an Ask-Me-Anything Session with GGDApp founder Miguel Gomes and Apostolos Stamatakis. The session covered recent developments for the team and also their plans for 2021.

The AMA Session had 3 Segments:

  • Introduction from The Crypto Titans Team
  • 5 Questions from Twitter
  • Live AMA

Segment 1: Introduction from The Crypto Titans Team

Ok, let’s move to the first Segment. Can you briefly introduce yourself to our community ?

Miguel — GGDApp

I‘m Miguel Gomes, founder of Tokenwised a blockchain gaming/eSports startup and of the GG Dapp project — https://ggdapp.com/. …

About a week has passed since the conclusion of the GG Token pre-sale and the start of trading in Uniswap. The GG Dapp team wants to take this opportunity to, once again, thank everyone who supported us, offer a recap of this key milestone and share our short term plans.

Level 1 — The pre-sale

Our pre-sale generated more than 300 ETH in a very short period of time but then it stalled at around 480 ETH, after a few hours. It then picked up again after the hardcap was lowered to 700 ETH and the softcap was achieved. We…

GG Dapp

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