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GG DApp’s first full year of existence has just ended, but our focus is completely ahead! After releasing the open beta of our GG DApp ecosystem, this year will be all about adding features and launching games on the platform. Find our what we have planned for 2022 in our roadmap update.

Where do we stand right now?

Before we dive into new plans, we want to recap where we stand as of now. Our 2021 focus was almost entirely on building the GG DApp ecosystem, as this will be the core of any game launching with us. While our users can already benefit from our open beta staking program, we are finalising the product and doing important fixes and improvements. This means that we are getting close to an exciting period, in which we can start connecting our staking feature to game specific pools.

Gaming Pools — Extending the GG DApp platform

Staking options page in current beta version

As some of you might have seen in our open beta already, the GG DApp platform is built not only for our generic platform, but also for specific gaming pools. Launching in Q1, we will open up our first staking pool for our Simracer Coin project. Gaming pools will have strong benefits for investors as well as game developers. Our community will be able to expose themselves to native game tokens in a early stage, potential gaming gems, staking their GGTK and getting the game-specific token as a reward.

This will open up a revenue stream for game developers, who will be able to decide what the reward system for their token will look like and if this is a staking model comparable to GG DApp, or for instance also based on revenue earned in-game.

While integrating Simracer Coin and preparing Pirates 2048 pool, we will also open the conversation with external games with interest in onboarding on out platform. We have been preparing this step in the background and are extremely excited that we are nearly ready to open up to the gaming world (on Polygon at this point)! We will be releasing more information soon and invite all interested gaming projects to contact us via info@ggdapp.com.

All aboard the NFT train

NFT’s have been a core part of our vision for GG DApp and especially the game projects we are developing. Our Pirates 2048 game was equipped with NFT collection technology in December already, by offering Grand Tournament qualifying tickets in the bottles you can retrieve in the sea. For now these bottles are empty, but this will soon change. We are in the process of developing our first NFT collections and integrate them in the game.

For Pirates, even though we are still in beta, we are also planning to expand our active user base playing the game. Aside from the NFT’s, we are planning to run tournaments much more regularly, and will be launching teams and Pirate Characters later on in the year.

Pirates 2048 home

In Q2 we will continue working on NFT’s in our second gaming project, SimThunder. We have hired a partnership manager dedicated to Simthunder, who is looking to close sponsorship deals with existing Simracer leagues and considering to launch a league of our own. Simracer leagues are known to produce loads of amazing eSports content, which we will transform into NFT’s for the community to own.

What’s next?

Our preliminary road map for 2022

The plans described above are all planned for Q1/Q2 of 2022, while the second half of the year is still open to discussion. We do know that we will be working on the beta launch of our third gaming project, a futuristic soccer manager we will share more news about in due time. On the other hand, half a year is a long period in crypto and we want to leave flexibility to act accordingly, depending on our own plans and the interest of external games to onboard with us.

While we grow, we are planning to expand our team accordingly. What started with a 3 man team, the original founders of GG DApp Miguel, Carlos and Apostolos have now expanded to a team comprising of 8 people! We have seen the addition of 2 full time social media admins and community managers on our Telegram and Discord groups. We have also added one new senior developer in the team as well as a marketing specialist and a designer. As we expand our ecosystem and develop the platform we expect this network of colleagues and partners to continue growing. If you believe that you can add value to our project, please reach out via info@ggdapp.com.

In short, 2021 was the year for GG DApp to get the basics in place and prepare to scale up significantly! We are excited to show you the progress and will soon release a survey to hear what features you are looking forward to the most, as well as gathering your feedback on potential new ideas.

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