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3 min readMar 8, 2024


Ever wonder what magic brews behind the GG DApp curtains? This week was a rollercoaster of high-fives, brainstorms, and game-changing moves. Let’s hit the replay button so you can have a taste of how is the backstage at GG DApp.

University Alliances: Leveling Up IRL!

The adventure began on Monday when we finally met face-to-face with the University of Georgia’s MBA wizards at Fintech House, from where we usually work one or two times per week. After weeks of strategizing over the digital realm, shaking hands and sharing laughs in person was a game-changer. Their quest? To supercharge our marketing and business strategy. The climax of their journey unfolded next day at the Marriott Hotel, where they unveiled their findings, sparking epic dialogues and exchanging high-level strats with their mentor.

University of Georgia MBA students GG DApp presentation at Marriott Hotel

Also on Monday, we welcomed aboard two aspiring game devs from the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal. Tasked with injecting fresh mana into Pirates 2048, their Unity skills and game creation passion were like unlocking a rare achievement on day one. Their innovative ideas are already setting the stage for what promises to be an epic update to our beloved game.

Having a themed lunch with the new interns from Setúbal

Dev Sprints: Crafting the Future of GG DApp

Sprint Finale and Kickoff: In the realm of development, we’re all about epic two-week sprints. This Monday marked the end of our latest dev sprint, focused on leveling up Simthunder and preparing the new version launch. But no time for rest; we’re already plotting the course for our next adventure: besides the new Simthunder version the focus will be in our multi-chain expansion, as more tests are necessary.

Meanwhile, our Setúbal allies are diving deep into the Pirates 2048 code, ready to bring fresh loot and adventures to the high seas. On Thursday we met again with the students at Fintech House and were impressed with what they’ve accomplished in just a few days!

The Quest for “Selo ID”: Unlocking New Realms of Possibility

Amidst the coding and collaborating, we’re on a mission to snag the “Selo ID” badge of honor — a certification that celebrates our dedication to innovation and opens treasure chests of funding for R&D. It’s like finding a rare item that boosts our stats and prepares us for the boss battles ahead in the GameFi universe.

We’re finishing all the required documentation and aim to apply for this certificate next week.

And that was a week at GG DApp! Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes action and updates.

Until our next adventure,
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