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Tokenwised — A blockchain gaming studio

Focused on blockchain gaming and eSports our startup has been developing projects that aim to leverage the possibilities of the use of blockchain: Pirates 2048, a browser based multiplayer game, and Simthunder/Simracer Coin a sim racing assets marketplace and racing management game.

Both projects are still under development but Pirates 2048 has already a live Beta that we’ve been using to fine tune the browser based game engine, running (Beta) tournaments with crypto and NFT prizes. We’re developing Pirates 2048 in partnership with Matic and participating in their Build-n-Earn program. Simthunder is being developed in partnership with Cartesi, as our team was one of the winners of their DApp Incubation Program.

We will focus in simple but fun game formats, mainly multiplayer, and in the play-to-earn model where, besides having fun, gamers get rewarded by their skills and time with crypto and NFTs. We’ll also focus in making it easy for non-crypto users to play our games and use our gaming platforms. GGDapp and the GGToken will be the glue of our ecosystem and will be open to onboard external projects as well.

We are a group of avid gamers and blockchain enthusiasts and believe that gaming/eSports will be the key for crypto mass adoption and for gaming dreams like “Ready Player One”.

Our Team

Miguel Gomes

Founder / Blockchain Engineer

Miguel is our blockchain expert and day dreamer. He’s a computer engineer with more then 15 years of experience, working in blockchain development since 2018. He’s also an avid gamer and sim racer, competing online since 2003, and now taking his first steps as a gaming streamer:

Carlos Martins

Full Stack Engineer

Carlos eats linux shells for breakfast. Also computer engineer, he likes to swim in the front end and then dive deep to the low level and get close to the machines. He’s our full stack ninja.

Hugo Argoselo
Partnership Manager

Hugo is our secret “weapon”, our evangelist, he likes to engage and challenge the community. He’s also an avid gamer and his experience being league and team owner in several sim racing games and all his connections in the gaming community will make it easier to spread our word.

Apostolos Stamatakis

Business and Legal

Apostolos is our “venture god”. He studied law but got in love with blockchain technologies. He always makes the right questions and with his vision and connections will be a factor in identifying strategic opportunities and connections. He loves the mix of blockchain and gaming/eSports.

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