Crypto Titans GG Dapp AMA Recap

On January 10th Crypto Titans conducted an Ask-Me-Anything Session with GGDApp founder Miguel Gomes and Apostolos Stamatakis. The session covered recent developments for the team and also their plans for 2021.

The AMA Session had 3 Segments:

  • Introduction from The Crypto Titans Team
  • 5 Questions from Twitter
  • Live AMA

Segment 1: Introduction from The Crypto Titans Team

Ok, let’s move to the first Segment. Can you briefly introduce yourself to our community ?

Miguel — GGDApp

I‘m Miguel Gomes, founder of Tokenwised a blockchain gaming/eSports startup and of the GG Dapp project — I’m a computer engineer from Lisbon and an avid gamer and sim racer!

Apostolos — GGDApp:

I am Apostolos, from Greece but currently living in Germany. My area is business, strategy and legal.


Can you introduce GG DApp to our community ?


GGDapp is a decentralized gaming ecosystem and also a Dapp that rewards it’s players and also developers and investors, for the value each bring. We believe that all that help a game to be a success should be rewarded so we want to create a kind of sharing economy to benefit all actors. In the beginning we will integrate our own games/gaming platforms but it will be open to external games too.

At this point we have already 2 projects in development, Pirates 2048, a browser based pirate ship battle game that we’re developing in partnership with Matic and Simthunder sim racing marketplace that we are developing in partnership with Cartesi, those will be the first to be integrated.


Awesome, can you drop a links for this 2 projects?





Are You Ready for the next segment?


Of course!

Segment 2: Questions from Twitter


Questions picked from Twitter


What’s the mechanism of rewarding gamers? Is there any minimum criteria to be fulfilled to get rewarded? Rewards will be based on game time or winnings?


Players will be rewarded with GGTK and NFTs both from their time and winnings. This GGTK can then be staked to earn more. Also this GGTK can be used to buy gaming NFTs and other game items. GGTK means GG Token, the token used in GG Dapp.

Many new projects were launched. But only a few projects managed to maintain, so what about the GGDAPP project? Can you guarantee and convince users and investors that your project will last and have a long life?


We managed to raise 700 ETH in our pre-sale and we are working with Matic and Cartesi in the development of our games and gaming platforms that will be integrated in GG Dapp, so we believe we are in a good position to achieve our milestones.


Also, blockchain gaming/NFTs is a market having huge growth and so we believe 2021 and the coming years wil be great for our project.

On the roadmap of GGDApp doing partnership with MaticNetwork & Cartesi, what is the main objective of this partnership?How is the program mechanism for implementing this partnership? And what benefits do GGDApp get by implementing this partnership between MaticNetwork & Cartesi?


We were selected for the Matic Build-n-Earn and Developer programs for our game Pirates 2048, and we were one of the 3 teams selected for the Cartesi Dapp Incubation program for our sim racing marketplace and game. This will be the first integrations in GG Dapp. You can read about Matic and Pirates 2048 here: Link . And about the partnership with Cartesi here: Link

Most investors focus only on the price of the token in the short term rather than the real value of GG DApp. You can tell us the motivation and advantages of holding $GGTK token in the long term?


We are building a platform that will drive real demand for GGTK, where you can stake it and buy NFTs and game items with it. Until then we want to keep the interest in the project high and do a short and long term marketing strategy with a professional agency.


We also plan to keep having more AMAs like this until the platform is fully developed to keep the community updated ;)

NFT’s are becoming major attraction towards many platforms. How can we get NFT from GGDapp?Can we buy /sell our NFT on GGDapp?


You will be able to buy NFTs with GGTK or earn it by playing our games. For example in Pirates 2048 you can sail with your pirate ship and collect NFTs from the sea, like survivors art (game is inspired in Waterworld movie), pirate characters, parts to improve your ship and also tickets for tournaments. In the future we plan to have a marketplace for GG Dapp but until then you can sell those NFTs in already existing marketplaces, like Open Sea.

Segment 3: Live AMA


Please Take your time and choose just 5 questions


Lot’s of great questions, thank you all! Will be hard to choose!

Question 1:

How do you plan to spread your understanding of the project in different countries where spoken English is not good like me?


We are on the process of working with a professional marketing agency. We are also looking into dedicated national communities and translations of our articles.

Question 2:

How do we invest in the project? Do we have locking period or a minimum requirement to be eligible?


At this point we have already listed our token in Uniswap — — you can invest by buying our token. At this point 93% of the total supply (that is 46,8 million tokens) is locked and circulating supply is about 3 million GGTK. We are also open to investors that want to invest in our crypto gaming startup, Tokenwised.

Question 3:

What’s the focus of the GG DApp now? Build and develop products, win customers and users or partnerships? Are there any plans to burn or block unsold $ GG DApp tokens? control flexibility, cost and security?


The focus now is the development of the platform and of the 2 projects that will be integrated in the beginning. Also keep working in partnerships like the ones we have with Matic and Cartesi that give us access to great solutions and communities that will make all the difference. Also keep the interest high in the project by doing a short and long term marketing strategy with a professional company.

Question 4:

Can you tell us how #GG_DAPP token holders benefit in the ecosystem and what power within the governance model individuals have? Why is it so attractive and what are the basic requirements to participate?


So token holders will be able to stake the GGTK and also buy gaming NFTs and other gaming items with GGTK. Regarding governance it’s still being discussed if besides staking you will also be able to have a more active participation as a token holder.

Question 5:

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?


That’s a very important question! In our vision is that crypto gaming will drive crypto mass adoption, so we want that our games are simple to use for non-crypto users and led them to crypto adoption. For example using solutions like Arkane — — where you can login with your social login (facebook, etc). Regarding the balance between developing our technology and improving the value of the token, like we said the focus is the development now, because it’s the platform that will drive real demand for GGTK but until then we want to keep the interest in the project high, having a short and long term marketing strategy by professionals.

End of Session…..


Great AMA! thank you very much for your answers! we were happy to have you here!


Thank you all for the great questions and for your time!


Thanks Everyone!

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