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2 min readApr 9, 2024


Guess who’s back on the NULS POCM platform? That’s right, your favourite gaming and blockchain combo, GG DApp, is revving its engines once again! After a brief pit stop to ensure everything was running smoother than a high-speed race on a digital track, we’re thrilled to announce our project re-activation.

A Quick Pit Stop: What Happened in February?

In February, the NULS ecosystem faced a challenge — a hiccup in their re-staking protocol. While our project wasn’t directly affected, we decided to hit the brakes and double-check our systems. Safety first, right? For the curious minds, here’s a brief rundown of the event: NULS’ statement on the incident.

Green Light: We’re Back on Track!

With all systems go, we’re excited to hit the accelerator once more. And here’s the best part — staking NULS to earn GGTK just got a turbo boost! No more need for token swaps; the new contract awards you ERC20 tokens directly. Want to bridge your earned GGTK to Ethereum? And maybe then to Polygon and stake your GGTK in GG DApp? You’re all set for a seamless ride.

Ready to start your staking adventure? Dive into the NULS POCM platform and stake NULS in our project to start earning GGTK today!

Besides expanding our exposure within the NULS community and its associated partners, including OKEX and Binance, NULS adds another dimension to our web3 gaming ecosystem with its versatility to work across 5 different blockchains in Nerve.


POCM is a Staked Coin Output (SCO) platform that enables the issuance and distribution of tokens on different blockchains. By minting a new GGTK token on the NULS Network, using its unique token standard (NRC20) enables the possibility of it to travel between 5 blcockhains, including Ethereum, BSC (Binance), Huobi ECO, Nuls and Nerve. NULS holders can also stake NULS and earn GGTK using NULS’ SCO program.


Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network based on the NULS micro-services framework, which uses the NULS ChainBox to develop a blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol. The aim is to break the isolated blockchain value and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network to provide all the necessary underlying support for the Defi application ecosystem. Let every digital asset holder experiences a truly secure, free and transparent Defi application service.

Until our next adventure,
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