GG DApp Beta 1.0 is now live!

Last days were intense but as promised GG DApp first beta version is now live and already in Polygon main net! This will be a closed beta, limited to 50 users at this stage. We plan to onboard more users later on but now we want to have a more controled test environment.

The first 50 beta testers will not only have a preview of the UI but will also already be able to stake GGTK and start earning from the rewards mechanism. Although the staking part is limited to the 50 beta testers everyone can already have a sneak peak of what is coming:

Goals of GG DApp Private Beta

GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform plus DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. With the release of the closed beta, GG DApp takes a big step forward towards becoming an infrastructure layer to the blockchain gaming industry. Our goal is to allow for total interoperability between tokenized gaming assets between our games and also games by third party developers that will find a launch platform and ecosystem ready to host their projects.

With the current closed beta we want to give the users a preview of the UI and how the rewards mechanism will work. To keep it simple, we will adopt a similar model to Bitcoin rewards, with a total of 21 million GGTK available. Every 10 minutes 50 GGTK will be distributed and roughly every four years, the total number of GGTK users of GG DApp can potentially win is halved.

This 50 GGTK will be distributed to the general pool and also to the individual pools of each gaming project in the platform. At this point 20% of this distribuition is allocated to the general pool and the rest to the individual gaming pools.

Staking options page in current closed Beta

At this point there will be only the general pool available for staking and so 10 GGTK will be distributed every 10 minutes to this pool. Minimum stake is 100 GGTK and maximum is 1000 per user. The total staking in this pool is at this point limited to 100000 GGTK.

This model is still experimental and will be optimised according to insights collected from the integration in our own projects and feedback from users, as a consequence, changes to this model may occur.

The beta of course is the prelude for the main launch of GG DApp that is planned for December. At that point you will be able to stake your GGTK to earn more from the rewards mechanism and also to earn other gaming tokens from each project in the ecosystem, getting early access to potential ‘gaming gems’ in the process.

How to participate and become a beta tester

The team has decided to deploy the beta in several stages, starting with a closed beta limited to 50 users, later to more users and then proceeding with an open one. Participants of the closed beta will be able to use the dapp and test it out as we are preparing for mainnet release in December.

As mentioned above, at this stage we’ll limit our closed beta to 50 users, 10 of which we will invite. The other 40 can request access in the #ggdapp-beta channel of our newly created Discord group here, telling us which address to be whitelisted. You need to be holder of at least 100 GGTK and request access until October 28th at 1 pm UTC.

After getting whitelisted you should be able to access the staking page. Make sure you have Metamask installed and pointing to Polygon network. If you don’t have that network configure yet in Metamask you should add a new custom RPC with this paremeters:

Network name: Polygon
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol (optional): MATIC
Block Explorer URL (optional):

All feedback is welcome! To make it easy make sure you post all of it in our Discord.

This was a big milestone to us! We want to thank our community that has supported us since the very first moment and reaffirm our commitment in becoming a key player in the not-so distant blockchain gaming economy that is very fast approaching!

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Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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GG Dapp

GG Dapp

Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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