GG Dapp Deep Dive with “The Chocolate Master”

GG Dapp is an upcoming crypto gaming platform and DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. The GG Dapp ecosystem has grown quite a lot since its original inception in 2020, and launch last January, but it’s still early days for our project.

Well known crypto trader and investor, The Chocolate Master, has been one of the most enthusiastic believers in our project and has been giving us great feedback. To help the community know more about GG Dapp he made us some great questions that we now share here.

The man, the legend!

When did GG Dapp’s project start?

The idea for GG DApp itself came in late 2020, but by mid 2020 we’d already started working on what would be GG DApp’s first 2 integrations, Pirates 2048 and the Simracer Coin project.

What was the reason/intention to start the project?

Initially, we were thinking of the best ways to reward Pirates 2048 players and sharing part of the revenue. During the process we also realized that there should be a way to reward developers and investors of this kind of project, since these are the 3 key pillars that help them to be a success. That’s how we came up with the idea of creating a success sharing ecosystem for our own projects, while also being open for external ones in the future.

Play-to-earn with GG Dapp

How big is your team?

We are a core team of 4 but we also work with freelancers, both in development and in marketing roles.

What is the vision of GG DApp, what is the ultimate (and realistic) goal you have set for the project?

We believe that gaming will drive crypto mass adoption and GG DApp aims to make it easy for crypto and non-crypto users to be able not only to play crypto games but to also invest and earn from them. We want to create a success sharing ecosystem, in which all those who help a gaming project to be a success are rewarded with crypto and NFTs.

How do you see yourself positioned in the market?

Our platform aims to attract both players (crypto and non-crypto) and also investors, we are both in the crypto gaming and DeFi market.

How do you see the gaming aspect + NFT + the DEFI aspect work together? What makes it DEFI?

NFTs are at the core of our crypto gaming ecosystem, players will buy them but also play to be rewarded with them. For example, in Pirates 2048, players will buy pirate characters NFTs to battle other players in the game and will get rewarded with crypto and survivor art NFTs that they will be able to collect from the sea arena. Additionally, GGTK owners will be able to stake our token to increase earnings and benefit from the sales and transaction fees of the ecosystem.

Pirates 2048 Home

Will there be a P2E aspect integrated?

Yes, of course, as mentioned previously that’s in the core of our project, where players earn crypto and NFTs by playing our games and using our platform for staking.

What are your marketing plans for coming period. We know you guys said: it will be ramped up. What does that mean?

We’ve been working with marketing agencies focused primarily on Twitter advertising. We’ve been increasing the budget for this type of campaign and we plan to continue to increase it until the platform launch. We’re also talking with crypto agencies regarding different types of marketing actions that will help to increase our exposure (besides Twitter advertising). Finally, we’re about to start working with an experienced Marketing advisor that will help us with our decisions, for both the short and long term Marketing strategy and vision.

Do you have enough backing to build the project out?

We’ve been bootstrapping but the GGTK presale helped us to have a good backing at this point.

What kind of financial runway do you have? Would you survive fe. another year if the project isn’t profitable?

We have between 1 and 2 years of runway, even if we did zero sales during that period.

What are you guys building in simplified terms?

We’re building a crypto gaming platform and ecosystem, easy to use for both crypto and non-crypto users, where players can play and earn with its games, and investors can invest and also earn.

GG Dapp teaser

What does your partnership with Matic (Polygon) truly mean? Is it just you guys using their “staking” mechanism or is there much more to it? If yes, what does it entail?

The partnership started with our Pirates 2048 game. Matic approached us and invited us to be part of both their Developer and Build-n-Earn programs. With these, we received financial, marketing and development support. Extending the partnership for GG DApp itself was the next logical step, since we plan to deploy both the staking and rewards mechanism on Matic.

Matic (Polygon), our first partner

How often do you speak with your partners? How deep is MATIC involved in the development of your platform?

We have dedicated telegram groups where we can always ask for support in terms of development and marketing. We also have access to their support channels in Discord. We are doing the development ourselves but when we encounter any issues or have any questions, we can always use the groups to request help, not only from Matic but also from the rest of the other teams participating in similar programs.

Why did Matic decide to partner up with you guys and launch Pirates 2048 on your platform instead of building their own?

Their core business is Layer 2 technology, not creating games or DApps. They want to have startups like us that build using their technology, that’s why they create these types of programs to build an ecosystem.

What are the key moments in the next 3 months for your projects? What can we anticipate?

The most important one is of course the platform launch in December, but until then there will be other important milestones. Regarding the token itself, there will be key moments like the listing in Polygon and possibly other listings (BSC and other CEXs). Regarding the 2 integrations, the key moments will be their main launch and until then other important milestones, for example, in Pirates 2048 the launch of the first “survivor art” NFT collection. That’s all we can say for now ;)

What kind of conversations are you having with your partners?

We have 3 main partners at the moment: Polygon, Cartesi (with SimThunder) and NULS. The most active partnership at the moment is with NULS and the rest of the partners of the NULS POCM platform, because we’re creating a cross-promotion system and we’re also taking part in conversations with other NULS partners. With Cartesi, we’re collaborating in the development of SimThunder, our sim racing assets marketplace, in which they are helping even by contributing with code to our repository. With Polygon, the current priority is the mapping of the token and listing in QuickSwap.

We were one of the 3 teams selected for Cartesi’s Dapp Incubation program

Are there any other parties involved in the development of the platform and the games?

Not at the moment, we aim to have a platform that’s open to external developers but for now our focus is to iterate it with our own projects and fine-tune it, so it’s ready to receive external ones.

Do you have a general / estimation of when we can expect these games to be launched? The beta’s and the full versions. No need to be precise (f.e. Between the 1st and 3rd week of October).

The deadline regarding the full versions for both is the 2nd week of November so we have a good amount of time to test them before our GG DApp launch in December. But we’re working hard to have them available earlier. We have already launched several Beta versions and will still launch more.

List of car ownership NFTs in the homepage of SimThunder Beta 1.2

GGTK token can be earned by playing and the token itself can be staked to earn from the fees & sales of the platform, correct? What is the sale and fees percentage that will be shared with the stakers? How are they going to be distributed?

Yes, to make it possible to onboard external gaming projects in the future, that percentage will be specific for each game/project. For our own games we are still discussing how much makes sense and also until the launch we want to gather more opinions from crypto/tokenomics experts. We also want to thank you (The Chocolate Master) for the interesting suggestions you’ve made!

Besides this staking aspect, what other ways are there to drive token demand?

To distribute the percentage of sales/fees we’ll buy back GGTK from the market and distribute it in the staking pools. Additionally, each game will have it’s secondary token and GGTK holders will be able to use it to swap and/or stake to earn each game token and thus being able to buy the gaming NFTs and other game items with it. We’re also thinking in other ways to benefit GGTK holders with airdrops from each game of the ecosystem. For example, for Pirates 2048 we’re about to launch it’s first NFT collection and the top GGTK holders will get part of these unique NFTs.

Regarding the tokenomics of the rewards mechanism, could you provide further details?

Regarding the rewards, in order to make it simple, we adopted a similar approach to Bitcoin, with a total of 21 million GGTK available. Every 10 minutes there will be a new block containing all new information, including transactions and rewards, and initially 50 GGTK will be distributed. Every 210,000 blocks, or roughly every four years, the total number of GGTK that GG Dapp users can potentially win, will be halved. The GGTK distribution will be done according to the reported gaming activity, for example the distribution of each game native token, and may vary from game to game.

There will always be a reward for stakers, even with zero sales, from these 21 million tokens of the rewards mechanism. That said, our tokenomics model is still experimental and will be optimized according to insights collected from the integration in our own projects, and as a consequence, changes to this model may occur.

Our success-sharing model

That’s it! Once again thank you “The Chocolate Master” for your great questions, feedback and support!

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Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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