GG Dapp Deep Dive with “The Chocolate Master”

The man, the legend!

When did GG Dapp’s project start?

What was the reason/intention to start the project?

Play-to-earn with GG Dapp

How big is your team?

What is the vision of GG DApp, what is the ultimate (and realistic) goal you have set for the project?

How do you see yourself positioned in the market?

How do you see the gaming aspect + NFT + the DEFI aspect work together? What makes it DEFI?

Pirates 2048 Home

Will there be a P2E aspect integrated?

What are your marketing plans for coming period. We know you guys said: it will be ramped up. What does that mean?

Do you have enough backing to build the project out?

What kind of financial runway do you have? Would you survive fe. another year if the project isn’t profitable?

What are you guys building in simplified terms?

GG Dapp teaser

What does your partnership with Matic (Polygon) truly mean? Is it just you guys using their “staking” mechanism or is there much more to it? If yes, what does it entail?

Matic (Polygon), our first partner

How often do you speak with your partners? How deep is MATIC involved in the development of your platform?

Why did Matic decide to partner up with you guys and launch Pirates 2048 on your platform instead of building their own?

What are the key moments in the next 3 months for your projects? What can we anticipate?

What kind of conversations are you having with your partners?

We were one of the 3 teams selected for Cartesi’s Dapp Incubation program

Are there any other parties involved in the development of the platform and the games?

Do you have a general / estimation of when we can expect these games to be launched? The beta’s and the full versions. No need to be precise (f.e. Between the 1st and 3rd week of October).

List of car ownership NFTs in the homepage of SimThunder Beta 1.2

GGTK token can be earned by playing and the token itself can be staked to earn from the fees & sales of the platform, correct? What is the sale and fees percentage that will be shared with the stakers? How are they going to be distributed?

Besides this staking aspect, what other ways are there to drive token demand?

Regarding the tokenomics of the rewards mechanism, could you provide further details?

Our success-sharing model

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