GG DApp Pioneers — Calling game developers!

GG DApp as been rewarding it’s stakers since we launched our open beta but, in our vision, we also want to reward the developers as well as giving more earning opportunities to the stakers.

GG DApp Pioneers program will reward those who believe in our vision, our aim of creating a success sharing gaming ecosystem, with GGTK and marketing support.

We’ll select up to 10 projects for an initial 6 month staking period and will distribute 40% of our planed rewards, 2880 GGTK daily, among this gaming projects. Each project will have it’s own gaming pool in GG DApp and choose the amount of it’s native token to distribute to GGTK stakers. The more GGTK staking each gaming pool gets, the more GGTK rewards it will get.

We require that each project has a token mapped in Polygon and that token has liquidity in Polygon or Ethereum. Our focus is toward indie game developers but we welcome all kind of gaming projects.

We’ll select the projects based on their quality, potential and community. The rewards distribution may be adjusted according to the amount of projects selected and GGTK token price.

Early adopters will enjoy extra rewards and marketing support from our channels. Submit your project until February 27th, using this form:

GG DApp is an upcoming web3 gaming platform, plus GameFi ecosystem, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers.

This will be another big milestone for GG DApp towards our vision of an ecosystem that rewards all who help a gaming project being successful.

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