GG DApp Pre-Tokens: Your Early Bird Access to Tomorrow’s Gaming Tokens!

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2 min readNov 10, 2023


Hey GG DApp fans, get ready for something super cool and a bit different from us! We’re rolling out the red carpet for our latest GameFi feature: GG DApp Pre-Tokens. It’s a fresh concept that’s all about getting you in on the ground floor of our gaming projects. Let’s dive in!

What Are GG DApp Pre-Tokens?

GG DApp Pre-Tokens are a unique way to gain early exposure to gaming tokens before they’re officially created. They’re like early bird passes to the future of gaming tokens, available even before the game’s full features are live. Whether it’s a game in alpha, beta, or just a sparkle in a developer’s eye, Pre-Tokens are your way to get involved early!

Why Pre-Tokens?

The idea behind Pre-Tokens is simple yet powerful: to provide early rewards to our community members who support and believe in our gaming projects. We understand that the early stages of game development are crucial, and we want to acknowledge and reward the trust and support of our early adopters. Even before the actual token name and the final tokenomics are decided you can hold these Pre-tokens.

From Pre-Tokens to “Actual” Tokens

Once a game reaches a more mature stage and its own unique token is created, Pre-Token holders will be rewarded for their early faith. They will receive an airdrop of the actual game tokens, seamlessly transitioning from their early support. The proportion of the airdrop will be specific to each gaming project and clearly announced.

Coming Soon: 2 Pre-Token Staking Pools

Brace yourselves for two upcoming Pre-Token staking pools! First up, we’ll have the Pirates 2048 Pre-Token Pool, perfect for those who love our retro-futuristic swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. The second will be a surprise, a new game alpha joining GG DApp. We can just say retro gaming lovers will be delighted once again!

Stay tuned for more info and announcements about these new staking pools. The future of gaming awaits!

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