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3 min readJan 18, 2024

As we turbo-boost into 2024, let’s take a moment to celebrate our achievements from the past year and gear up for the thrilling journey ahead. From our first CEX listing to our ambitious multi-chain expansion, join us as we recap our 2023 wins and unveil our action-packed updated roadmap for 2024 and beyond!

🌟 2023: A Year of Epic Wins

Game Dev Adventures: Rolled out several new versions of Pirates 2048 and the Simthunder marketplace, keeping your gaming experience fresh and exciting.

Startup Lisboa Level-Up: We joined the ranks of the Startup Lisboa incubation program, gaining valuable insights and connections.

Pirates Pre-Token Pool: Launched a new staking concept with the Pirates 2048 pre-token staking pool, adding more treasure to your gaming experience.

CEX Listing Quest: Initiated the CEX listing process, opening new trading horizons for GGTK, GG DApp’s token.

Generative AI Exploration: Dived into the realm of generative AI, teasing the launch of an experimental project at the end of 2023, but decided to level up for a more polished 2024 release.

🚀 2024: The Multi-Chain and Expansion Odyssey

2024 is all about expanding our horizons. We’re embarking on a multi-chain expansion, bringing GG DApp to more networks and embracing a blockchain-agnostic gaming universe. This move will connect us with a wider range of gamings projects, gamers and blockchain enthusiasts, offering more flexibility and choices for our community.

This year already started with a bang, with our first CEX listing in BingX and our expansion plans also include having GGTK listed in more exchanges.

Onboarding External Projects

We’re also opening our digital doors wider to welcome external games into our ecosystem. Focusing on projects on Polygon and our new blockchain homes, we aim to enrich our platform with diverse and exciting gaming experiences. This year is about collaboration and community, bringing together the best of the gaming world under the GG DApp banner.

GG DApp Development and Marketing

This year we’ll continue the development of GG DApp itself, aiming for the first production version launch in early 2025. Our ongoing gaming projects and initial GG DApp integrations, Pirates 2028 and Simthunder, will also continue to receive our attention along with the alpha development of two new generative AI co-developed games, including a unique soccer manager experience.

On the marketing front, we’re revving up our engines. We’ll be exploring the good connections we have in other projects, and recommendations made to us, to ensure GG DApp shines in the spotlight it deserves.

🔮 Future Gazing: 2025 and Beyond

Looking further ahead, 2025 is set to be a landmark year with the launch of a mobile version of GG DApp. We’re also focusing on exploring mobile-first projects, bringing the excitement of GG DApp to your fingertips.

From 2026 onwards, our mission is to keep growing the ecosystem, not only onboarding existing web3 projects but also assisting web2 projects in their transition to web3. And, of course, adding more of our own crazy game ideas into GG DApp!

We believe Generative AI will disrupt gaming, making game creation much more easy but also increasing the competition. In GG DApp projects will benefit not only from the rewards but also from the network effect of belonging to our ecosystem.

2024 and the coming years are loaded with potential for crypto, web3 gaming, and of course for GG DApp. We’re on a mission to make our ecosystem the ultimate destination for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike!

Until next time,
The GG DApp Team

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