GG Dapp — Sprint Review #1

It has now been a month since the conclusion of $GGTK pre-sale and our listing on Uniswap. And what an intense month! It was an intense software development cycle, specially in Simthunder, our upcoming sim racing assets marketplace, but also in our Pirates 2048 game. In parallel there were also important news regarding partnerships and, at the end, some wild price action!

Simthunder and Pirates 2048

January marked a very intense and important development cycle, specially in our Simthunder, the sim racing marketplace we’re developing in partnership with Cartesi. We’re now in the final stages of Cartesi Dapp Incubation program so this had to be our focus. During February we plan to release an initial Beta version of this platform.

In Simthunder sim racers will be able to sell relevant files related to virtual motorsports and also NFTs representing virtual car ownership and their parts too. This is going to be very important stage in building a financial infrastructure for the simracing gaming ecosystem.

In addition, we are now completing a new Beta version of our blockchain pirate ship battle game, Pirates 2048. We planned to release it in January but with the focus in Simthunder we had to delay it for some days. We plan to release this new version during next week and have a tournament next weekend.

Matic extended parnership

Another important achievement was the extension of our partnership with Matic, now including GG Dapp itself. GGDApp will use Matic’s Layer 2 solution to power the blockchain-based rewards mechanism and staking along with the best UX for both crypto and non-crypto users. We were already working with the Matic team with our Pirates 2048 game and we are very excited on the extension of this collaboration.

Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. Matic strives to solve the scalability and usability issues while not compromising on decentralization and leveraging the existing developer community and ecosystem.

Growing the community

One of the main factors for the success of gaming and more broadly, online ecosystems is the users. Community building is a crucial part of the GG Dapp team’s goals.

We‘ve been actively extending the project’s reach and visibility by conducting AMAs. We were already hosted by two communities, Crypto Titans and CryptoWid and there are more to come. For those that missed them, you can find the transcripts of both AMAs here and here.

We’re trying different marketing actions and also in talks with agencies to define a short a long term stragegy.

Last but not least, we’re going to participate in our first blockchain conference, Porto Blockchain Conference. Our founder, Miguel Gomes will be speaking about the new paradigms emerging in gaming with the use of blockchain, NFTs and new economic models of decentralisation.

Don’t miss it Sunday February 7th!

Wild price action

This last weekend of January saw some wild price action, $GGTK went up 200% in just one day. $GGTK is our most valuable asset so we’re always happy when it’s price goes up. At this point the price is a reflection of speculation only, as there is no real demand for $GGTK yet. Meanwhile we’ll keep growing the community, our exposure and building the platform which will drive real demand for our token, where it will be possible to stake $GGTK, buy gaming NFTs with it, among other things.

Once again, thank you all for your support and stay tunned for more exciting news!

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