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3 min readNov 9, 2021


As we are entering the last two months of 2021 it’s time for the penultimate review of the year. GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform plus DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and investors. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments. Lets jump just straight into GGDApp’s tenth sprint review!

GG DApp’s First Beta Release

Staking options page in current closed Beta

October saw the biggest milestone for our project so far with the release of our first beta on October 27th, with staking already live in Polygon main net. We decided to begin with a more controlled test environment so we started with a closed beta limited to 50 users.

This first beta gives users a preview of the UI and how the rewards mechanism will work. You can read the details about it and how to participate in this article.

The beta of course is the prelude for the main launch of GG DApp that is planned for December. At that point you will be able to stake your GGTK to earn more from the rewards mechanism and also to earn other gaming tokens from each project in the ecosystem, getting early access to potential ‘gaming gems’ in the process.

Polygon mapping and QuickSwap listing

Our first transfer from Ethereum to Polygon network using the Polygon Bridge

Another important milestone achieved during this sprint was the mapping of our token GGTK on the Polygon network and the listing on Quickswap, a decentralised exchange similar to Uniswap but running on Polygon instead of Ethereum.

By using Quickswap traders benefit from the much lower fees compared to the cost of Uniswap and also much faster transactions. We aim to increase the liquidity available on Quickswap by migrating part of the liquidity available on Uniswap, when it becomes unlocked at the end of the year.

Community Growth

After first having reached more than 3 thousand users on Telegram, we have also surpassed 10 thousand followers on Twitter! The growth of our community is a good sign for the direction the team is taking. Make sure to follow us on our twitter account to stay up to date with the latest announcements!

As we are gradually increasing our marketing efforts, we invite all our fans and supporters to share with us their opinions, views and advice that will help us shape our marketing strategy. We have released a survey that you can fill here:

GGDApp Marketing Survey

Besides helping us with your feedback you might also win some GGTK as we will randomly reward three survey participants with 50 GGTK tokens.

Price Action

GGTK price chart

Last but not least, October saw huge price increases for GGTK, including 3 consecutive All Time Highs that saw the price reach 2.61 dollars at its peak. While we always look and think long term, price is always a good indicator for the expectations our community and investors have regarding our project.

This was probably our most intense sprint so far and, as we approach platform launch in December, intensity will for sure continue to grow!

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