GG DApp — Sprint Review #11

Going into one of the most important months of GG DApp’s course so far, it’s time to recap the things that happened in November and talk about what is coming in December. GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform and “GameFi” ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and investors. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments.

GGDApp Beta 2.0

Staking options page in current closed Beta

With the release of our first closed beta on October 27th, with staking already working on Polygon main network, our users had the opportunity not only to have a preview of the UI but also to stake GGTK and start earning from the rewards mechanism. This gave us valuable input on what was going right and what could be improved.

This sprint our main goal was the release of the second version of GG DApp Beta, that would open for more 100 users. Besides important fixes our main focus for the new version was to improve it for mobile devices. We also increased the staking limits per user and improved the UX to make the operations smother in the staking page.

You can read more detail about this new version in the “GG DApp Beta 2.0 is now live!” article.

This beta versions are the prelude for the main launch of GG DApp, open to everybody, that is planned for the end of the month, exact date to be announced soon. At that point you will be able to stake your GGTK to earn more from the rewards mechanism and also to earn other gaming tokens from each project in the ecosystem, getting early access to potential ‘gaming gems’ in the process.

Marketing Update

One of the questions of our first community survey

We are testing out different ways to engage and interact with our community as the project develops, our recent marketing survey was one of those new avenues we took. The community gave us valuable information on how did they find out about GG DApp, what drew them in and what are their expectations. We know that the majority of our community is primarily interested in trading and staking but also in actually playing the games. The integration of our games with the GGDApp platform will bring more gamers into the ecosystem which will further drive demand for the ecosystem tokens and benefit all holders.

You can read the full results of this survey in the “GG DApp Community Talks: Marketing” article.

Working with the advice we received from our community, we decided to take a few actions right away:
- We have hired a designer/creative who will take on the task of creating visual content and posting content more often on our Twitter channel. This will help answer the request from the community so find out more behind the scene about our project.
- We have increased our Twitter advertising, and will continue to expand in this area thanks to the increased content production we will soon have.
- We are currently in the process of signing two deals with experienced crypto marketing agencies, who will support us in creating PR and influencer exposure for our launch later this month.

GG DApp at Web Summit

Another highlight of November was the presence of GG DApp in this year’s edition of the Web Summit, one of the largest tech events in the world and the largest in Europe. Our startup, Tokenwised, was part of Web Summit’s Alpha Program and that gave us had a chance to have a stand in the Alpha startup area and to spread the word about GG DApp to people from all around the world and with many different backgrounds.

We believe the result of this interactions we had at the Web Summit will have a big impact in the future of our project. You can read more details in the “GG DApp at the Web Summit” article.

Pirates 2048 and SimThunder

Progress also continues in our first two gaming integrations of GG DApp, our Pirates 2048 game and SimThunder, our sim racing assets marketplace, part of our Simracer Coin project. There are new versions coming soon and in December it’s also time for Pirates 2048 Grand Tournament that will crown the champion pirate of 2021!

It’s December, once again a very important month for our project that will be soon one year old! We want to thank you all again for your support and wish you the best in this festive time of the year.

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Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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GG Dapp

Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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