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We are very happy to publish our 12th sprint review marking one full year since the launch of the GG DApp project, a year with many exciting developments!

GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform and DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and investors. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments. Join us as we visit the most important moments and milestones of this sprint and also of 2021!

About last sprint — GG DApp Open Beta

Staking options page in current open Beta

Q4 2021 saw the back to back release of three beta versions. We started with releasing a closed beta in October and opened it to more 100 people in early December. In the current sprint the focus was in the release of GG DApp Open Beta, the first beta version open to everyone.

Besides opening the beta and important fixes the other main development was making the platform ready for the gaming pools, the ones where you can stake to earn the native token of each gaming project integrated in our ecosystem. These will be also able to distribute a percentage of their sales/transaction fees to the stakers. We expect to open the first gaming pool already in January or early February.

The available pools will in the future be expanded to include all other native tokens of the GGDApp ecosystem as well as tokens of third party games that will join the platform.

Learn more about how you can earn by staking your GGTK in the “GG DApp Open Beta” article.

Pirates 2048 new version and Grand Tournament

Pirates 2048 home

In late December was also time for the release of a new version of our Pirates 2048 game, in preparation for it’s Grand Tournament. While our game has been in beta during the last year, we have hosted several tournaments to test our features and select the first qualifiers for the Grand Tournament.

In this new version we launched a new feature that is one of the key elements of our game. From the very first days of our project, we envisioned that players would be able to pick up NFTs from the sea arena. Some will be inside floating bottles that act like a kind of loot boxes. If you find one of our ‘NFT bottles’, you might be lucky enough to find out it holds a qualifying ticket for our upcoming Grand Tournament. Even if you did not win a ticket so far, you still have a shot at participating! The Grand Tournament was re-scheduled for this Wednesday January 19th after some players had issues joining, during the previous date.

In the future these bottles will also have other kinds of NFTs, like the Survivor Art collections.

About 2021

Strategic partnerships

This year we were able to become stronger, making partnerships with big and already established projects.

In the first half of the year we were selected and then completed Cartesi’s incubation program with SimThunder. SimThunder, part of the Simracer Coin project, is a sim racing assets marketplace that aims to make sim racing more fun and dynamic by providing an incentivized market for NFTs, as well as a racing management game that distributes prizes according to racing season results. SimThunder will be one of the first integrations of GG DApp.

We also extended our partnership with Polygon to GG DApp. We were already partnered with Polygon regarding Pirates 2048, our retro-futuristic pirate ship battle game and we expanded our cooperation with Polygon to include also GGDApp itself.

In addition to that, we also formed a partnership with NULS and Nerve Network. NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform and also one of the protocols committed to building interoperable solutions. NULS adds another dimension to our crypto gaming ecosystem with its versatility to work across 5 different blockchains in Nerve. The partnership started with GG Dapp joining NULS Proof of Credit Mining (POCM) platform.

Last but not least, we became members of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, joining the ranks of well known names in the blockchain industry such as Enjin, ConsenSys, Web3 Foundation and Aave as well as other mainstream giants such as AMD and Ubisoft!

Expanding the team

What had started with a 3 man team, the original founders of GG DApp Miguel, Carlos and Apostolos has now been expanded to a team comprising of 8 people! We have seen the addition of 2 full time social media admins and community managers on our Telegram and Discord groups. We have also added one new senior developer in the team as well as a marketing specialist and a designer. As we expand our ecosystem and develop the platform we expect this network of colleagues and partners to continue growing.

Marketing partnerships

Having focused in developing the platform and its initial integrations in 2021, 2022 is the year where our marketing will go into full force. We have now finalized agreements with two different marketing agencies that will act as our partners as we expand our marketing campaigns that were primarily based on Twitter ads and through AMA’s. We are pursuing a mixed strategy of PR and influencer marketing that we expect to reflect positively in growing our user base.

Wild price movements

GGTK started the year at around 6 cents hovering below 10 cents until its first big spike in March and then April reaching 41 and 76 cents respectively. It then did 3 consecutive ATH’s in July, August and October reaching its overall all time high of $2.61 in October 9. While we are primarily focused in the development of the platform and look long term, we take this early price movements as a confirmation of the market’s confidence in the future of blockchain gaming, play-to-earn and GG DApp specifically.

We wish all our fans, users and investors a great new year going ahead and we thank you once again for all your support! We believe 2022 will be even bigger for crypto gaming, NFTs and for our project too.

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