GG DApp — Sprint Review #13

We are one month into 2022, which means that we are ready to evaluate GG DApp’s month of January.

GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform and DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and investors. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments. Join us as we zoom into the latest developments in our Sprint Review #13.

GG DApp — New year, new plans

We spent most of 2021 building our staking platform, which is the core for all of our projects, as well as external games that will be onboarding with us this year. Now that our staking platform is in open beta, we are preparing for a big next step: opening our first gaming pool.

Looking at the future, we will always have a generic staking pool for GG DApp, in which you can stake your $GGTK to earn $GGTK. Starting with our Simracer coin later this quarter, we will also make it possible for our token holders to expose themselves to native game tokens in an early stage, staking their GGTK and getting the game-specific token as a reward.

Another key development focus will be around one of the hottest crypto topics right now, NFT’s. Our Pirates 2048 game was equipped with NFT collection technology in December already and we are in the process of developing our first NFT art collections. In Q2 we will continue working on NFT’s in our second gaming project, SimThunder. Simracer leagues are known to produce loads of amazing eSports content, which we will transform into NFT’s for the community to own.

Check out the full 2022 Roadmap update

Simracer Coin Project — Switching gears

Talking about Simracer Coin, our second gaming project, will have the key focus in the next months, as it will be the first project onboarding in our gaming pools. As some of you might have seen in our open beta already, the GG DApp platform is built not only for our generic platform, but also for specific gaming pools. Gaming pools will have strong benefits for investors as well as game developers. Our community will be able to expose themselves to native game tokens in a early stage, potential gaming gems, staking their GGTK and getting the game-specific token as a reward. In the future we will be onboarding external games in these gaming pools as well.

In the background we have also been working on improvements of our GG DApp open beta. As some of you might have noticed, we ran into some challenges in distributing rewards, because the Polygon network was strongly congested. As a result, we decided to change reward distribution to once per 24 hours, and applied several other optimizations to ensure a smooth and stable reward process. We are constantly on the look-out for improvements and invite anyone with feedback to join our Discord.

Pirates2048 — Closing the season

With the end of the year we also finished our Pirates 2048 season. After a long season with qualifiers and the release of our Grand Tournament NFT’s, the final was at first postponed due to technical issues. Our players came back strong through for the rescheduled final, which lead to an intense battle for the podium. At the end of the hour long final we had a clear winner with Alvini taking home the $300 prize pot.

GG DApp — Marketing efforts paying off

Meanwhile we have also seen the results of our marketing partnerships coming in. Our PR agency has worked hard since December to develop our story and make it visible among relevant crypto news websites. Over the past few weeks we have seen a growing amount of them paying attention to our project, with a few examples below:

How GGDApp Gaming Pools will benefit Investors and Developers

GGDApp Plans for NFTs, Why it Matters

Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem GG DApp is Rewarding Investors and Developers




Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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GG Dapp

Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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