GG DApp — Sprint Review #14

Pirates 2048 — launching a new version

  • New player onboarding
  • Game tutorial
  • Mobile optimisations
  • General bug fixes & gameplay improvement
Pirates 2048 Home

GG DApp — Stabilizing the staking pool

Marketing — Evaluating our agency efforts

  • Our PR Agency produced a significant amount of high-quality articles across a range of crypto related websites (screenshot above). Many of these articles were shared on our social media and will be featured on our website moving forward. For future opportunities we are planning to deploy PR on a peak-basis around major news events.
  • Together with our influencer agency, we selected a small range of influencers across Twitter and YouTube. The results of these efforts did not turn out as we had hoped for. Engagement on the posts, as well as traffic towards our website/social media and Telegram were very low. The effort was too short term and it was clear that we need longer exposure and a stronger connection with the influencers we work with.
  • Even though this has not yielded the results we were aiming for, we have used these learnings to change our influencer approach. We will not work through an agency for now and will instead consider working with long-term ‘brand ambassadors’, who should feel more as part of the project and community, instead of one time promoters. If you feel like you know a good match, please reach out to us via
  • Increase of sneak-peaks into our product developments
  • Engaging more with our community through content and give-aways. Check out our latest give-away on our Twitter.
  • Daily content on our social media
  • Long term ‘ambassador deals’ with influencers, supported by paid ads
  • PR for key news moments

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