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4 min readApr 12, 2022


The first quarter of the 2022 is now in the books and so is our 15th sprint. And it was another intense one!

GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform and DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and investors. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates. Find out more about the latest developments in Sprint Review #15.

GG DApp — Improved open beta coming soon

Our open beta version has now been live for 3 months, this enabled us to gather a lot of feedback and metrics that we’ve been using as input for the next version. Holders of GGTK have since been able to stake their GGTK and benefit from the rewards mechanism, with a current APY of about 70%.

When designing this initial version we didn’t expect the fees in Polygon to rise so fast and we didn’t prepare it to scale so well, it would be updated later anyway. But the fees did rise much faster then we thought and that meant some issues in the rewards distribution, our apologies for this. Nevertheless, even with some late distributions, we manage to compensate our stakers with some extra rewards.

We’ve anticipated the changes we were planning to do later this year so we can launch a much more scalable version soon. This meant we had to delay the opening of our gaming pools, initially planned for Q1. We’re confident that the issues in the rewards distribution will be fixed in the next version that we plan to launch during next sprint.

Pirates 2048 — New version and tournament

Development also continued in GG DApp’s Pirates 2048 game and we were able to launch a new version. Besides important bug fixes the new features included a new player onboarding and tutorial, the initial warmup feature and also mobile optimizations. Although the game is still optimized for browser desktop play it’s now more easier to play it from your mobile device.

Action during our last tournament in GG DApp’s Pirates 2048 game

We also hosted a very special tournament, ‘United for Ukraine’, with the ship sales being donated to help the people of Ukraine. The tournament was done already using this new version and we had good feedback about it!

Simracer Coin and SimThunder

Progress is also being made in our Simracer Coin project. Besides more partnerships with private sim racing leagues and teams we’re also working on the open beta of our sim racing assets and NFTs marketplace, SimThunder. SimThunder is currently in private beta and the open version is planned to be released in Q2.

SImthunder/Simracer Coin sponsored Camaro trying to survive in iRacing’s Las Vegas track

Simracer Coin staking pool will be the first gaming pool to open in GG DApp where you’ll be able to stake your $GGTK to get Simracer Coin (SRC) in return.

Liquidity migration

Finally we did the promised GGTK liquidity migration. We migrated the liquidity we had in our ETH/GGTK pair in Uniswap V2 to a new pool in Uniswap V3. Uniswap V3 provides better capital efficiency and accuracy.

We also moved 6% of the funds we had in Uniswap, in the Ethereum network, to the Polygon network, to increase about 100% the liquidity in our ETH/GGTK pair in Quickswap. This is an important step since our open beta is deployed in Polygon and the ones who want to take advantage of the current staking pool need to have their GGTK in this network.

GG Token (GGTK), the native token of GG DApp currently exists in 3 blockchains, Ethereum, Polygon and NULS. It’s available to buy in 2 exchanges, Uniswap in Ethereum and Quickswap in Polygon.

The weather is getting warmer here in Lisbon and the same can be expected for GG DApp news and developments, stay tuned for another intense sprint!

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