GG DApp — Sprint Review #16

Despite the recent turmoil in the crypto market our team continues to work hard in the backstage and, after an intense development cycle, we are ready to turn the page and share what we’ve been up to during this 16th sprint!

GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform plus DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments.

GG DApp Open Beta — New smart contract

Our community has already been able to reap the benefits of GGTK staking, through our GG DApp Open Beta, for the past few months. We distribute 1440 GGTK daily on the General Pool and this resulted in rewarding stakers with an astonishing APY of approx 70%!

Staking has been live in Polygon network, and whilst we always ensured that our stakers were getting rewarded, we were impacted by the issue of increased transaction fees in the network. We didn’t expect the fees in Polygon to rise so fast and we didn’t prepare our Open Beta to scale so well. This negatively influenced our distribution method and frequency, hence why it was a top priority for our team to ensure that we could overcome this drawback.

We successfully deployed a new staking contract in Polygon which aims to resolve the previous issues, anticipating the changes we were planning to do later this year so we can have already a much more scalable version. With this deployment, our staking feature is back working 100%, without any distribution delays. This was a very important milestone and was our main focus this past sprint. This also means we can now turn again our attention to the gaming pools, first being open during this quarter.

Pirates 2048 — new version in the making

Pirates 2048 home

After launching a new version last sprint we’re excited to announce that we are working already on a another version of our Pirates 2048 game, one of the first integrations of GG DApp, bringing the long-awaited NFTs into the arena. In the past, it was already possible to find Tournament ticket NFTs, but we will now make NFTs a constant core part of the game.

We will be launching a survivor art collection that players will be able to find in the sea arena, inside floating bottles, randomly and throughout the gameplay. This was always an exciting milestone and goal we worked towards!

Additionally, we will start hosting a monthly Pirates 2048 competition, in order to further promote the game and start building a more cohesive playerbase, now that we have a more solid product.

In past Tournaments, we’ve always awarded the top players with GGTK, but we plan on also start distributing a percentage of the total monthly revenue of sold pirate ships. We’ll be sharing more on this soon!

SimThunder — Open beta getting closer

List of car ownership NFTs in the homepage of SimThunder close beta

Work also continued in our sim racing assets and NFTs marketplace, SimThunder, part of Simracer Coin project, as we prepare to launch it’s open beta version also during this quarter.

Simracer Coin staking pool will be the first gaming pool to open in GG DApp where you’ll be able to stake your $GGTK to get Simracer Coin (SRC) in return.

BGI’s Accelerator Program

To wrap up this month’s exciting sprint, we were invited to apply BGI’s Accelerator Program. We were contacted as they saw GG DApp’s potential, and we are delighted to confirm that we’ve accepted the challenge!

This will be BGI’s 13th Edition — they are a Depp Tech accelerator program based in Portugal, that seeks disruptive and innovative projects. They offer a demanding acceleration program, and in the past BGI has accelerated 155 ventures, of which 91 are active — summing up to a total of 265.5 million euros in investment. Half of the ventures accelerated by BGI successfully raised some form of financing within 6 to 12 months of graduating from the accelerator, with an average of 1.7 million euros per startup. BGI’s vision is to improve the planet by ensuring disruptive deep tech successfully reaches the market. Stay tuned!

The current crypto market might be “unstable” but the show must go on and here at GG DApp you can be sure we’ll keep building.

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Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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GG Dapp

GG Dapp

Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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