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3 min readOct 19, 2022


Whilst 2022 has been marked so far by a bearish downturn in the crypto market, we have kept on building in the background and just ended the 3rd quarter of the year with major news regarding our ecosystem! Make sure to read at all about it below.

GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform and DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and investors. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates.

GG DApp Open Beta — First Gaming pool opened!

In this last sprint we accomplished an important milestone in our roadmap and vision to become a decentralized gaming launchpad: we have opened our first gaming pool, the Simracer Coin (SRC) pool! This means that our users now have two staking pools to choose from, in order to earn.

In our GG DApp Open Beta, GGTK holders already had the chance to monetize their tokens by staking them in the General Pool, with APY that’s usually above 90%. Stakers could stake their GGTK and receive GGTK in return.

The new Simracer Coin staking pool offers users the option to stake their GGTK and get SRC in return. We are distributing 1000 SRC per day amongst the pool. If you haven’t staked your GGTK yet, make sure to get onboard.

Also make sure to read all about our Simracer Coin project — one of the first integrations of GG DApp.

Listing GGTK on Nulswap

Another important achievement was listing GGTK on Nulswap — the number 1 DEX on Nuls! The available trading pair is GGTK-NSWAP. This will give users the chance to trade our token in the NULS blockchain.

Having already a partnership with NULS and Nerve Network and being part of NULS Proof of Credit Mining (POCM) platform this was a much antecipated step. NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform and also one of the protocols committed to building interoperable solutions.

Upcoming smart contract upgrade

We’ve been working on a revised version of our staking smart contract and also our production environment, with important updates that will enable our current beta to be more strong and robust. We plan to deploy the new contract in October 24th and to return all the stakes to their owners at that point. Until then our two staking pools will remain under maintenance after we detected an attack in our GG DApp Open Beta.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and, to compensate our stakers, for the first two weeks we’ll double the rewards in both staking pools.

Q4 has already started and, just like last year, we expect this to be an intense one!

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