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With crypto markets in turmoil over FTX collapse news, our initial words in this monthly review are for all the ones affected, we express our solidarity and our commitment to work for a more fair and transparent crypto space. During this ‘crypto winter’ we keep building and, as we kick off the last quarter of the year, we’re happy to share what we’ve been up to this past sprint!

GG DApp is an upcoming web3 gaming platform, plus GameFi ecosystem, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. On a monthly basis, we share a review with all the recent updates and developments.

Staking smart contract upgrade

After successfully upgrading our staking contract, due to a security issue we faced this past month , which forced us to go under maintenance, we ensured an even more secure platform before onboarding external projects. This upgrade was a priority for quite some part of the month as we wanted to ensure that we were even more protected moving forward. We made sure to compensate our stakers by doubling the staking rewards, distributed in both pools, for the period of two weeks (Oct 25 to Nov 8). If you still haven’t staked your GGTK yet, please visit our GG DApp Open Beta and start earning today!

In our GG DApp Open Beta, GGTK holders can already stake their tokens in two pools: the “General Pool” and thus earning more $GGTK in return; and now also in our recently opened Simracer Coin Pool, where staking rewards are in $SRC.

Simthunder and Pirates 2048

Development also continued in GG DApp’s first two integrations, Pirates 2048 our browser-based, multiplayer, retro-futuristic pirate ship battle game and Simthunder, our upcoming sim racing assets and collectibles marketplace, part of the Simracer Coin project.

In Pirates 2048 we’ve focused on the mobile version with updates to make sure the user experience will be better in iOS. We expect to launch this new version during this sprint.

In our sea arena the competition was fierce in October and we distributed over 250 MATIC among the top 3 scoring players. Make sure to join our next competition and monetise your gaming skills!

Fierce battles in Pirates 2048 sea arena

In Simthunder we keep working in our beta, still closed but that will open for everyone during this quarter. The focus during this last sprint were the NFT collectibles section, that represent memorable sim racing moments and will be one of the first items available in the marketplace.

Web Summit Lisbon 2022

As part of our core team is based in Lisbon, Portugal, we had to take part again of the mega conference that is Web Summit! The prominent event that is denominated “the world’s premier tech conference” represents an amazing networking opportunity, enabling attendees to learn what is happening across all tech industries, whilst meeting potential partners or investors, and hearing from lead industry leaders on relevant and trending topics.

This year Miguel and Carlos, our two founders, were again present in the event that attracted 71000+ attendees and made sure to spread the word on what we are building. The result was a very intense week filled with great experiences and the realisation that the crypto gaming industry keeps on growing and is as vibrant as ever.

We might be amid the so called ‘crypto winter’ but we keep building and until the end of the year you can expect hot news about GG DApp!

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GG Dapp

Upcoming web3 gaming platform, plus GameFi ecosystem.

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