GG DApp — Sprint Review #24

GG Dapp
3 min readJan 18, 2023

We’re stoked to be sharing our 24th sprint review, marking our two-year anniversary since GG DApp’s launch!

GG DApp is an upcoming web3 gaming platform, plus GameFi ecosystem, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments so everyone is up to speed with what we are building.

Simthunder Open Beta

The anticipation is finally over… Simthunder, our sim racing assets marketplace, part of Simracer Coin project, will be launching this January 30th and users will be able to try it first-hand, so make sure to save the date! This was again our main focus during last sprint.

From car paints, to setup files, to car ownership and eSports moments NFT collectibles, this open beta will be a first showcase of our vision of bringing together crypto and sim racing, being a global hub for sim racing.

Pirates 2048 — New version and annual Grand Tournament

After hosting several competitions throughout the year, to test the game and new features deployed, we are finalised important fixes and updates to the game to ensure that players have a smooth and exciting gaming experience during the Grand Tournament January 20.

Fierce battles in Pirates 2048 sea arena

In the Grand Tournament players will be able to settle once and for all who is our champion and our podium, with the top-3 winning a share of the $500 in prizes + NFT trophies! Make sure to join our Pirates 2048 dedicated Discord channel for all updates.

Pirates 2048 is browser-based, multiplayer, retro-futuristic pirate ship battle game and one of the first integrations in the GG DApp ecosystem.

GG DApp going multi-chain!

We’ve been studying the possibility of GG DApp becoming multi-chain and we’re glad do announce that we plan to do it in 2023!

We’re yet to decide what networks will be chosen from the EVM compatible ones but make sure to stay tuned as this will be one of the biggest milestones of the project.

The past year was marked by a bear market that took the crypto world by storm, bringing many new challenges to both small and larger projects. None of this affected our commitment to keep on building, working hard in the backend to guarantee that we keep on achieving our desired milestones, with even more tenacity and a conscientious attitude.

We’ll keep our commitment and excited about what’s coming in 2023!

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GG Dapp

Upcoming web3 gaming platform, plus GameFi ecosystem.