GG Dapp — Sprint Review #3

Partnership with NULS

GG Dapp Joins the NULS/Nerve SCO/POCM Lineup

Proof of Credit Mining (POCM)

POCM is a Staked Coin Output (SCO) platform that enables the issuance and distribution of tokens on different blockchains. By minting a new GGTK token on the NULS Network, using its unique token standard (NRC20) enables the possibility of it to travel between 5 blcockhains, including Ethereum, BSC (Binance), Huobi ECO, Nuls and Nerve. NULS holders can also stake NULS and earn GGTK using NULS’ SCO program.


Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network based on the NULS micro-services framework, which uses the NULS ChainBox to develop a blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol. The aim is to break the isolated blockchain value and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network to provide all the necessary underlying support for the Defi application ecosystem. Let every digital asset holder experiences a truly secure, free and transparent Defi application service.

Simthunder Beta 1.0 launch around the corner

Do you like our sim racing marketplace logo?

Wild price action

GGTK made it to 2nd place in Coingecko trending list in the beggining of March

Billaxy Listing

The recent price surge was also accompanied by our listing on our first CEX exchange, Billaxy. Billaxy is a Hong Kong based service provider accessing e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets. Billaxy is convenient and advantageous platform for trade, exchange of various currencies, which can be used by both experienced traders as well as beginners.

Fera Listing

In addition to our listing in Billaxy, GGTK was also listed on Fera Platform. Fera is a token research platform that selects low-cap projects colloquially known as hidden gems, providing comprehensive reviews and ratings. They provide technical and fundamental analysis, fund management and short-term price predictions that help investors make informed decisions.

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