GG DApp — Sprint Review #31

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3 min readAug 18, 2023

Hey there, GG DApp enthusiasts! Buckle up for another exciting ride through our latest Sprint Review, where we'll dive into the thrilling updates and developments that have kept our engines revving and our sails full of wind.

GG DApp is an upcoming web3 gaming platform, plus the GameFi ecosystem, that aims to reward players, developers, and liquidity providers. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments so everyone is up to speed with what we are building.

Simthunder: Revving Up for a New Version

Our sim racing assets marketplace, Simthunder, part of the Simracer Coin project, has been the star of this sprint. As we prepare for the launch of the new version this fall, we’ve crossed the finish line on an important re-factor in the main marketplace smart contract, and now we’re tuning up the UI.

In the backstage, we also kept working on partnerships. The pit crew is working hard, making sure we’re ready to hit the track!

Meanwhile don’t forget that you can stake your $GGTK in the GG DApp Simracer Coin staking pool and earn $SRC every day!

Pirates 2048: Sailing Smoothly

Our beloved Pirates 2048 game has been sailing smoothly since the launch of the new version last sprint. But even the sturdiest of ships need some patching up! We’ve been swabbing the deck, fixing some pesky bugs, and preparing the next update, where new ship categories will be introduced.

Pirates 2048 home

Pirates 2048 is our browser-based, multiplayer, retro-futuristic pirate ship battle game, is one of our first gaming projects, and we’re thrilled to see it evolve. Until the end of this year we also expect to open its staking pool in GG DApp.

GG DApp Pioneers Program: Charting a New Course

We also kept working in our Pioneers Program. We’ve been in contact with potential participants and started preparing the marketing campaign, contacting agencies that will assist us. The pioneers program is all about forging new paths and building a community of trailblazers. Stay tuned for more details as we set sail on this exciting expedition!

WebSummit’s Next Stage Session

Another highlight of this sprint was our participation in WebSummit’s Next Stage Sessions. Being part of the Websummit’s Alpha Startup program again this year, we were one of three web3 startups chosen to take part in a live social media session with T2 co-founder Gabor Cselle.

We had the opportunity to listen and ask questions to this great entrepreneur, gaining insights and inspiration for our own journey. You can watch the full session here.

As we steer our ship towards new horizons and rev our engines for the next lap, we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep gaming on!

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