GG DApp — Sprint Review #41

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2 min readJun 29, 2024


We’re back with Sprint Review #41, hot on the heels of our 40th sprint celebration! This sprint, we’ve revved up our engines and dived deeper into our multi-chain expansion and game enhancements. Let’s break down all the electrifying progress we’ve made!

Multi-chain Update: Big reveal comes July 5th!

Mark your calendars for July 5th! That’s the day we’ll unveil the first move in our ambitious multi-chain expansion. This isn’t just a step; it’s a giant leap into the evolving web3 gaming universe. And guess what? This is just the beginning. We’re not stopping here — we’re continuously exploring new horizons to ensure GG DApp remains at the forefront of decentralised gaming. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Pirates 2048: Tuning Up for Epic Battles

This sprint, Pirates 2048 was our main deck, where we focused intensely on gearing up for our first live test. Although we’ve hit a slight delay as we fine-tune some of the new features, the wait will be worth it. The new sea arena is set to host epic battles that will test the mettle of every pirate out there. We’re pushing hard to launch this live test in the upcoming sprint, so ready your cannons — adventure awaits on the high seas!

Another teaser of our upcoming Pirates 2028 new version

SimThunder: Skin Contest Heats Up

The SimThunder Skin Contest is in full swing, and the GT category entries have just closed! We’re now ready to select the top 8 designs and let the community battles begin. The creativity and feedback we’ve received are overwhelming, and we’re already incorporating this treasure trove of insights into the upcoming version of the our sim racing assets marketplace.

“Wen Lambo?” Right now!

Thanks to everyone who’s participated — your input is shaping the future of SimThunder!

Until our next adventure,
The GG DApp Team

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