GG Dapp — Sprint Review #6

Time flies and the GG Dapp project is already celebrating its half anniversary! GG Dapp is an upcoming gaming platform plus DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. The GG Dapp ecosystem has grown quite a lot since its original inception in 2020 and launch last January. Join us for our 6th sprint review as we visit the most important milestones that we’ve reached so far and the developments that took place in June.

Cartesi Incubator Spotlight: SimThunder

We were one of the 3 teams selected for Cartesi’s Dapp Incubation program

During the past half year we successfully completed Cartesi DApp Incubation program with SimThunder, our sim racing assets marketplace that will be one of the first integrations of GG Dapp, and became official partners of Cartesi.

SimThunder is one of the core features of the Simracer Coin project that aims to make sim racing more fun and dynamic by providing an incentivized market for NFTs, as well as a racing management game that distributes prizes according to racing season results. There are already centralized services on the mainstream markets that give people the opportunity to buy and sell sim racing items, but there is a distinct lack of decentralized marketplaces offering immutable ownership of items and this is where SimThunder is striving to penetrate the market.

List of car ownership NFTs in the homepage of SimThunder Beta 1.1

Cartesi plays a fundamental role in our project because it enables two parties, who don’t trust each other, to securely trade access to private content data. By using Cartesi’s Descartes we are able to make the transactions between the 2 parties verifiable and thus make it possible to resolve disputes regarding the access to the private content data.

After months of developments we have a working version of our decentralised sim racing asset marketplace. After releasing the first beta version on a private network, the new one is now live on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet and in June we were able to make important developments and fixes, as we are prepare for main net launch. Whilst we expected to have already completed this step, we decided to push it for Q3 as we still need to polish this initial version.

Matic (Polygon) extended partnership

We also extended our partnership with Polygon, previously known as Matic, to power the blockchain-based rewards mechanism and staking in GG DApp. We were already participating in their Developer and Build-n-Earn programs with our Pirates 2048 game, the other initial integration of GG Dapp, and this extension was a natural step to take.

When GG Dapp platform is ready, $GGTK token holders will be able to stake it and benefit from the gaming NFT sales/transaction fees of this entire gaming ecosystem. At this point we’re focused in the development of the two initial integrations of GG Dapp, SimThunder and Pirates 2048.

Pirates 2048 on Polygon Main Net

Pirates 2048 home

During the last months we also launched new versions of our Pirates 2048 game, inspired by the movie “Water World”, still in beta but already in Polygon main net. Pirates 2048 is browser based multiplayer, (retro) futuristic pirate ship battle game, with elements of action and strategy.

Pirates 2048 Story Teaser

In June we launched another version in main net and we’re planning to host a tournament in the coming weeks, where players will be able to try the new features and earn with it.

NULS Partnership

GG Dapp Joins the NULS/Nerve SCO/POCM Lineup

Having already important strategic partnerships with Polygon (previously Matic) and Cartesi in March we were happy to seal another one, a partnership with NULS and NERVE Network. NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform and also one of the few protocols committed to building interoperable solutions.

Besides expanding our exposure within the NULS community and its associated partners, including OKEX and Binance, NULS adds another dimension to our crypto gaming ecosystem with its versatility to work across 5 different blockchains in Nerve. The partnership started with GG Dapp joining NULS Proof of Credit Mining (POCM) platform.

Blockchain Game Alliance Membership

We were also very proud to have become official members of the Blockchain Game Alliance, a group that includes well known names in the blockchain industry such as Enjin, ConsenSys, Web3 Foundation and Aave, but also other mainstream giants such as AMD and Ubisoft!

In April we took part in BGA New Members Presentation and presented our vision of GG Dapp (see it in minute 56)

BGA April New Members Presentation

Billaxy Listing

In March $GGTK was listed on it’s first CEX exchange, Billaxy. Billaxy is a Hong Kong based service provider accessing e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets. Billaxy is a convenient and advantageous platform for trade, exchange of various currencies, which can be used by both experienced traders as well as beginners.

If you want to buy our token you now have two options, either through Uniswap or through a traditional centralised exchange.

Fera Listing

In addition to our listing in Billaxy, GGTK was also listed on Fera Platform. Fera is a token research platform that selects low-cap projects colloquially known as hidden gems, providing comprehensive reviews and ratings. They provide technical and fundamental analysis, fund management and short-term price predictions that help investors make informed decisions.

Growing the community

Besides intense development we’ve been also always looking to grow our community, our Telegram group, participating in AMAs and doing partnerships with eSports organizations. In June we started a new Japanese community in Telegram.

As we approach important milestones in our roadmap we plan to grow our exposure in the upcoming months.

The weather is hot here in Lisbon, and so will be the intensity in developments and news for GG Dapp this summer! Stay tuned!

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