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4 min readSep 8, 2021


Wrapping up the summer with an awesome August, the eight installment of our GG DApp Sprint Review is ready! GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform plus DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and liquidity providers. Every month we write a review with all the recent updates and developments.

SimThunder Beta 1.2

After another intense development cycle we deployed a new beta version of SimThunder, our sim racing assets marketplace that will be one of the first GG Dapp integrations. In this 1.2 version, besides important fixes we added the store section where you can browse all the items that exist in the marketplace, using several filters and we also implemented the search feature.

The new store section in SimThunder marketplace

SimThunder, being developed in partnership with Cartesi, will enable sim racers to exchange sim racing items such as car setup files and skins, as well as NFTs that represent ownership of digital cars in private sim racing leagues, among others. This is one of the core features of the Simracer Coin project, one of the first integrations in GG Dapp.

Pirates 2048

Development also continued in Pirates 2048, our other gaming project and GG Dapp integration. We’ve been fixing and refactoring important parts of the game engine and the giving the final touches regarding the integration of the first NFTs.

Last version besides the Harvester ships we added the floating bottles, that act as a kind of loot boxes that might be empty or include collectible NFT items. We aim to deploy a new version during this sprint and we’ll be dropping Grand Tournament tickets in these bottles and soon also the first collection of Survivor Art NFTs — images and illustrations related to the game story.

Pirate 2048 home

Pirates 2048, inspired by the movie “Water World”, is a browser-based multiplayer, (retro) futuristic pirate ship battle game that will be one of the first integrations to GG Dapp.

Pirates 2048 is still in beta but already deployed in Polygon main net. The goal of the game is to survive in the sea arena and earn enough points to enter the Grand Tournament at the end of the year. You will be also able to earn crypto and NFTs.

Tokenomics Update #2

Right after listing on Uniswap, the majority of GG Tokens had been locked up in time lock contracts ranging from 3 to 60 months. Since then, the first two time lock contracts, totalling 7 million GG Tokens, reached maturity. From these unlocked tokens ,1 638 000 GGTK were sent to the 4 year NULS POCM program on July 6th. An additional 2 million were locked up again in the 24 month time lock contract and the rest remains in our control to be primarily used for providing liquidity to platforms such as QuickSwap, PancakeSwap and others.

The current circulating supply of ~5 million GGTK includes the 1.6 million sent to the 4 year NULS pocm program but these will only be fully available after 4 years. You can read our updated tokenomics here.

NULS POCM — Reaching top spot!

Another achievement during last month was reached when GGTK climbed to the first place of NULS SCO Platform! The SCO platform allows NULS based projects to issue and distribute tokens safely to NULS holders using the POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) smart-contract blockchains. Holders of Nuls are able to stake it in exchange for GGTK. With the addition of a new node, the pool currently has a total of 4 nodes with a total of 1.6 million NULS staked. You can check out the pool at this link. You can find more information about our partnership with Nuls on their medium page here.

GGTK new all time high and price roller coaster

The third weekend of August saw intense price action which brought our market cap from less than one to more than 5 million. The price broke our last all time high, 86 cents, that was achieved on July 31st and reached 1.23, 1.52 and topped at 1.60 before retracing. Breaking the one dollar level and almost reaching two dollars represents a significant achievement for a project this early in its development. While the crypto markets always have short-term ups and downs, the price action confirms that the team is on the right path and that the community and the market have high expectations. The launch of the platform in December will mark the culmination of our efforts since 2020 and will be the most important milestone in our effort to revolutionise the blockchain gaming space.

What an intense sprint we had! But you know what? With important milestones on the horizon intensity is expected to continue!

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