How will be games integrated to GGDApp

Continuing our series on the GGDapp, this third article will examine which games and gaming platforms will be available on launch.

The first integrations to GGTK will be two: the gaming platform SimracerCoin and the blockchain game Pirates 2048.

Simracer Coin / Simthunder

Simracer Coin is bridging the gap between competitive sim racing and blockchain. Building on Ethereum, our decentralised marketplace will allow anyone to sell and purchase sim racing assets such as car modification setup files, car paints and skins and also services such as online coaching from expert drivers. By putting these digital assets on the blockchain, they will be transformed into tradable crypto assets with increased liquidity and ease of exchange. We aim to develop our platform as the backbone of the microtransactions involved in the sim racing ecosystem driven by adoption from drivers, leagues and fans.

The first step was the creation of a crypto token for our platform and sim racing community, Simracer Coin (SRC). By building partnerships with existing leagues, we want to offer our token as a prize to the winners and drive crypto adoption among the simracing community. The next step is to have a marketplace where sim racers can use this token to buy simracing assets. We are now developing this markeplace, called Simthunder, in partnership with Cartesi, after being one of the winning teams of their DApp incubation program. The program consists of 3 milestones, we successfully completed the first milestone and are now working on the second. We expect to have an initial functional version of the marketplace in February.

Our next major goal is to add a strategic element to league racing where participants can own the cars and its parts, each represented by tradable crypto assets (NTFs), deal with damage costs and realistically manage an eSports racing team. This will be a kind of racing manager game that will run in parallel with private league racing.

By making purchases in our marketplace users will be able to earn GGTK.

Pirates 2048

Pirates 2048 is a browser based, multiplayer, futuristic pirate ship battle game with elements of action and strategy. It’s also a DApp based on Ethereum, now running on Matic Network. Central to this game is the concept of NFTs. NFTs, short for Non Fungible Tokens ,represent tokenized versions of non fungible game assets as crypto collectibles. Players will be able to pick up from the sea different kind of NFTs: parts to upgrade their pirate ships, story items (art and messages from the survivors), pirate characters and tournament tickets.

In addition, players will be able to collect from the sea arena the game’s cryptocurrency, Ether Stone. There are several tournaments during the year and a grand tournament at the end of each year where the best players will compete to earn crypto prizes and NFTs.

At this point we have a live Beta and we’ve been running beta tournaments to test the browser based game engine.

Pirates 2048 players will be able to earn the new token, GGTK, with every purchase they make and also by staking their Ether Stone tokens.

Future integrations

Besides integrating GGTK and GGDApp in our current projects we’re also doing in the future ones, like Champions 2050, a futuristic soccer manager game.

We’re also going to develop it in a way that other developers can integrate it in their games. We will target the independent game developers that often, without a marketing budget, only hope to recover some of the development costs with in-game advertisements or micro-transactions that sometimes put away potential players.

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Crypto gaming platform with NFTs at its core.

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