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3 min readMar 10, 2022


GG Token (GGTK) is the native token of GG DApp and currently exists in 3 blockchains, Ethereum, Polygon and NULS. It’s available to buy in 2 exchanges, Uniswap in Ethereum and Quickswap in Polygon.

If you’re a GGTK holder you should take advantage of the staking feature already available in our open beta (, currently in Polygon, and start earning more GGTK every day (read more in the GG Dapp Open Beta article)! You can also trade GGTK in Quickswap with less fees.

We had several questions from holders of GGTK in Ethereum regarding the process necessary to move the tokens from Ethereum to Polygon so we prepared this guide to help you.

Step 1

Visit Polygon’s wallet website at: Once there you will see 4 different options.

Step 2

Choose Polygon Bridge and connect your wallet using Metamask, Coinbase or Wallet Connect.

Step 3

After you connect to your Ethereum wallet, its time to transfer your GG tokens to Polygon. Choose GG Token in the token selection box.

Step 4

Select the amount you want to bridge and click on “Transfer”.

Step 5

Complete the prompts informing you of the bridging time and costs associated with it.

Step 6

Click the ‘Continue’ button and follow the prompts to finish the process!

When this is done you should now have GGTK in the Polygon network and you can start, staking in GG DApp beta and trading with lower fees in Quickswap!

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