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Attention, GG DApp Community! We’re rolling out the red carpet for a new power player in our team. Making his grand entrance is our new advisor Gonçalo Perdigão, a formidable force in the realms of digital transformation, growth hacking, web3, and generative AI. Buckle up, because this epic journey just got even more exciting!

Boss Level Advisor Unlocked

In the vast landscape of digital evolution, Gonçalo Perdigão is a champion character. With a solid foundation in electrical engineering and finance, Gonçalo embarked on a career path that saw him conquering challenges in the fields of strategy, product development, marketing, and digital growth.

Gonçalo speaking in ETH Porto conference

Ever the entrepreneur, Gonçalo co-founded two award-winning UK tech start-ups, proving his skill in navigating the challenging terrains of the digital world. He’s even done scientific side-quests with the European Space Agency and the University of Cambridge, showcasing his problem-solving prowess.

Nowadays Gonçalo is focusing on growth hacking brands and companies to be future smart and deep tech ready with his Algorithm G boutique.

Guild Role: The AI Agility Alchemist

At GG DApp, our guild strategy is simple but ambitious: we aim for epic growth, but without gaining unnecessary inventory weight. Enter Gonçalo, the AI Agility Alchemist. He will guide us on our mission to implement our ‘AI-first’ approach in all quests and challenges, ensuring our nimbleness remains intact, no matter how much XP we gain.

Additionally, Gonçalo will be our portal master, building bridges between the established “Web2 kingdom” and our emerging “Web3 village”. His expert knowledge of the mystical Web2 and Web3 realms will be a game-changer as we continue to level up our blockchain gaming platform.

The Quest Ahead

As we traverse the icy tundras of the ‘crypto winter’, we keep our hearts warm with the promise of the upcoming ‘crypto summer’. With Gonçalo in our party, we’re more than ready to seize the golden opportunities waiting on the sunlit horizon.

With this epic addition to our team, we’re confident that we’re on the right path to level up in the blockchain gaming world. So, grab your gear and join us in welcoming Gonçalo to our GG DApp adventure!

About GG DApp

An early-stage, innovative Web3 gaming launchpad and DeFi ecosystem, GG DApp is where gaming meets rewards. Powered by GG Token (GGTK), GG DApp is creating an ecosystem that incentivises every player — be it a gamer, developer, or liquidity provider.

  1. Gamers: Through GG DApp, gamers earn crypto and NFTs for doing what they love — playing games.
  2. Developers: Game developers can integrate their projects into the platform, choosing how much of their own token supply and game proceeds they wish to share with GG DApp’s staking community.
  3. Liquidity Providers: GG DApp also benefits those who provide liquidity. By staking GGTK in GG DApp’s pools, liquidity providers earn rewards from the ecosystem.

Currently, GG DApp is in beta, with two gaming projects under development: Pirates 2048 and Simthunder. However, it’s not just about our in-house projects. GG DApp is opening up to external gaming pioneers, eager to join our evolving ecosystem.

Yes, these are early days. But our vision is vast and vibrant: a gaming ecosystem that’s rewarding for all.

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GG Dapp

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