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2 min readDec 11, 2023

Get ready to embark on a thrilling new adventure with our latest GG DApp offering: the Pirates 2048 Staking Pool! It’s time to hoist your sails and navigate the exciting waters of web3 gaming and earning. Let’s dive into the details of this swashbuckling opportunity.

Stake GGTK, Earn P48PRE

In the Pirates 2048 Staking Pool, you have the chance to stake your GGTK tokens and earn P48PRE, Pirates 2048 pre-tokens. In this staking pool there are 450,000 P48PRE to be distributed at a rate of 2,500 per day.

We’re charting a course towards the launch of the actual Pirates 2048 token in Q3 2024, with an estimated DEX listing price of $0.15. The pre-tokens you earn now will be pivotal in your future gaming and earning strategies, as they represent 1% of the planned total supply of the actual token.

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Tokenomics: The Pre-Token Supply

The Pirates 2048 Staking Pool and in-game rewards will distribute a combined total of 1 million P48PRE pre-tokens, corresponding to 1% of the 100 million planned total supply of the actual Pirates 2048 token.

Upon the launch of the actual token, pre-token holders will be airdropped with the Pirates 2048 token on a 1:1 ratio, based on a total supply of 100 million. Should the total supply vary, this ratio will be adjusted to maintain the 1% proportionality.

By joining the Pirates 2048 Staking Pool, you’re not just earning pre-tokens; you’re becoming a part of the game’s epic journey. Your support helps us navigate the game towards success, and in return, you get to reap the early rewards.

About GG DApp and Pirates 2048

GG DApp is our upcoming Web3 gaming platform and DeFi ecosystem, that aims to reward players, developers, and liquidity providers.

Pirates 2048 is our browser based retro-futuristic pirate ship battle game, still in beta version. It’s also one of GG DApp’s first gaming integrations.

Until our next adventure, keep gaming and earning, GG DApp Pirates! 🏴‍☠️🎮💰

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