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3 min readDec 26, 2021


ARRRR PIRATES! For the second time in its short history, Pirates2048 will host its Annual Grand Tournament. While our game has been in beta during the last year, we have hosted several tournaments to test our features and select the first qualifiers for the Grand Tournament. We are now close to launching a brand new feature, which will give everyone a shot at qualifying.

This feature is one of the key elements of our game and has everything to do with the bottles you might have seen floating around in the Pirates 2048 waters. From the very first days of our project, we envisioned that players would be able to pick up NFTs from the sea arena. Some will be inside these floating bottles that act like a kind of loot boxes. If you find one of our ‘NFT bottles’, you might be lucky enough to find out it holds a qualifying ticket for our second Annual Grand Tournament. Even if you did not win a ticket so far, this is your shot at participating!

In the future these bottles will also have other kinds of NFTs, like the Survivor Art collections.

Tournament Details

The tournament will be held on December 29th at 18.30 UTC. Over the course of one hour participants will be challenged to score as many points as they can, by collecting precious gems, raiding supply ships and of course destroying the competition! At the end of the tournament, we will give away an initial prize pool of $500 in GGTK to the best performers of the day, $300 for the winner, $125 for second and $75 for third.

This initial prize pool might change because we’ll sell some of the ticket NFTs in OpenSea and 50% of all sales will go to the prize pool.

When: December 29th, 18.30 UTC
Where: pirates2048.com
How: FAQ
Prize pool: $500 in GGTK + 50% of NFT ticket sales

How to qualify

In order to participate in the 2021 Grand Tournament you need to have a NFT ticket that will ensure eligiblity for it. These are the ways you can get one:

• Finish in the top-5 of of overall leaderboard by December 29th, 0 UTC
• Have won a tournament ticket in one of our previous tournaments
• Find a qualifying ticket in one of our NFT bottles, 10 will be dropped in the sea arena from Monday until the start of the tournament, at random times.
• Buy a qualifying ticket from OpenSea, 10 will be put for sale this Tuesday December 28th (buy only from the links announced in the official Pirates 2048 and GG DApp channels)

About Pirates 2048

Pirates 2048 story teaser

Pirates 2048 is browser based multiplayer, (retro) futuristic pirate ship battle game, with elements of action and strategy. It was inspired by the movie “Water World” and it will be one of the first integrations of GG DApp. At this point is still in beta but already in Polygon main net.

For more questions about the game, please check out Pirates 2048 FAQ.

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