Play-to-Earn or Play-and-Earn? The Indie Quest of GG DApp

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3 min readMay 26, 2023


In the adventurous world of blockchain gaming, we’re at a crossroads, pondering a significant question much like our buddy Hamlet: To play for the joy of the game or to play for the shiny loot? Quite a riddle, isn’t it?

Play-to-Earn: The First Milestone

The Play-to-Earn, the reigning model in blockchain gaming, sprang into existence with the advent of blockchain technology, and it was CryptoKitties, the quirky, Ethereum-based game, that paved the way. Gamers could now earn digital assets, like tokens and NFTs, through their in-game feats and victories, a novel idea that turned gaming skills into tangible rewards.

These assets, as enticing as a treasure chest filled with gold, held real-world value and could be traded or sold across various marketplaces. The blockchain, our reliable ally, ensured the security of these assets, providing gamers with peace of mind.

But, every rose has its thorns. While the Play-to-Earn model has significantly enhanced the gaming experience, it’s not without its disadvantages. As the focus shifted towards earning, the joy of the game started to take a back seat. Furthermore, the model often incentivises grinding — repetitive tasks that might boost earnings but certainly not the fun factor. Finally, Play-to-Earn games might face scalability issues if the earning potentials outgrow the economic model of the game.

A New Anthem: Play-and-Earn

Recognising these challenges, a new model is emerging on the horizon: the “Play-and-Earn” model. This isn’t a tune being sung solo by GG DApp; it’s a harmonious symphony shared by many in the blockchain gaming sphere. The concept? Return the spotlight to the thrill of gaming, and let earnings be a delightful encore.

GG DApp’s Odyssey: Plotting an Indie Play-and-Earn Course

Even though we’re in the early stages of our journey, with our game, Pirates 2048, and our sim racing assets marketplace, Simthunder, still in the development dockyard (beta), our vision extends beyond our own gaming realms. We dream of a vast play-and-earn ecosystem that doesn’t just encompass our own gaming adventures, but invites other daring indie games to join our shared quest.

Indie Games: The Heart of Our Vision

Our passion lies with indie games — the innovators, the risk-takers, the dreamers. Our quest is to assist these traditional indie game developers in navigating the transition to the web3 world, empowering them to retain their creative autonomy while enjoying the benefits of blockchain integration. We aim to create a vibrant web3 gaming ecosystem where indie games thrive, fueled by the exhilaration of gameplay and the rewarding potential of digital assets.

The Essence of our Quest: Fun First, Earnings Follow

As we embark on this grand adventure, we’re dedicated to preserving the essence of gaming — the thrilling quests, the camaraderie, the ecstasy of victory. In our eyes, the Play-and-Earn model is a treasure map, guiding us towards a gaming experience where fun leads the way, and earnings are delightful side quests.

So, fellow GG DApp adventurers, prepare to set sail on this thrilling voyage into the expansive seas of blockchain gaming. Whether you’re here for the exhilarating thrill of the game, the allure of the coin, or both, there’s always room on our ship!

About GG DApp

GG DApp is revolutionizing the blockchain gaming and DeFi landscape, crafting a play-and-earn gaming ecosystem, fuelled by GG Token ($GGTK) that aims to reward players, developers, and liquidity providers.

To follow our adventure, tune in to our social media channels, and join our dynamic crew on Discord and Telegram. Smooth sailing and joyous gaming to all!

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