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5 min readMar 1, 2023

The year started with a bang as we just launched our Simthunder Open Beta, our sim racing assets marketplace that is part of the Simracer Coin project. But that was just the beginning, this year we’ll continue adding new features to our projects and we’re also ready to integrate external projects in GG DApp. Keep an eye on our roadmap update to see what we have in store!

So, where are we?

Before we jump into what’s coming, let’s take a look at where we are now and what we’ve been up to. One of our main focuses in 2022 was improving our current GG DApp beta. We launched new versions of the smart contract, and GG DApp itself, with important fixes, new features and improvements. The highlight was the launch of our first gaming pool, the Simracing coin pool.

Another focus was the development of Simthunder, our sim racing assets marketplace, part of the Simracer Coin project. The recent launch of its Open Beta was the highlight of these developments.

In addition, we have made important fixes and improvements to our Pirates 2048 game, as well as started the monthly tournaments. Although the game is not optimized for mobile, we made improvements to this version, making it easier for players to join our sea arena from their mobile devices.

Another highlight of 2022 was the listing of GG Token (GGTK) in Nulswap in the NULS blockchain. This makes GGTK now available across 3 chains and 3 decentralized exchanges (DEXs), those being: Uniswap (Ethereum), QuickswapDEX (Polygon), and Nulswap (Nuls).

What’s next?

GG Dapp Open Beta — Welcome indie game developers!

This year, one of our main goals is to have GG DApp ready to incorporate external projects. With this aim, we’re already working on the GG DApp Pioneers program, which will reward developers and offer stakers more chances to earn.

Ten gaming projects will be selected for a six-month staking period, with rewards allocated to each project. A gaming pool will be provided in GG DApp to each project, where each can determine how much of their native token they want to distribute amongst GG stakers. Interested gaming projects can already apply using this form:

But that’s not all, we have another groundbreaking milestone in our plans: until the end of this year, we plan to make GG DApp also be available in other networks other than Polygon, making GG DApp a multi-chain Dapp.

Then already in Q2 2024 we have another important milestone in the horizon, to start the distribution of a percentage of sales/fees of each project in each gaming pool. This distribution will be done in GGTK and is another big step towards our vision of GG DApp being a success sharing gaming ecosystem.

Pirates 2048 — NFTs and teams

Even though we are still in beta, now that our tournaments are more frequent, we are glad and proud to announce that during the Q2 of 2023 we will launch our first NFT collection and integrate it into the floating bottles that are now available to distribute tournament tickets and different NFT’s

This year we also plan to start working in a new feature, the Pirate Teams, adding an all new cooperative dimension to our game!

Pirates 2048 home

Simracer coin and Simthunder

As we mentioned above, Simthunder has recently launched its open beta and it aims to be the ultimate marketplace for sim racers as well as a platform where they can monetize their skills and accomplishments. Users can now engage in the buying, selling and trading sim racing assets through our innovative marketplace, which merges the world of crypto with the world of simulation.

Besides sim racing assets, like car skins and car setup files in Simthunder you’ll be able to buy also sim racing collectibles, NFTs representing great sim racing moments. We plan to launch our own collection and collaborate with other sim racing organizations to create their own collections that will also be available for purchase and sale.

What do you think about owning the best moments of your league?

Soccer manager

Don’t think we forgot about our upcoming soccer manager game! It continues in our plans but we decided to postpone the release of its closed beta until Q1 of 2024 since we feel the need to consolidate our current projects (and we’re still a small team).


In the middle of the so-called “crypto winter” our focus in 2022 was in building but we also kept experimenting on the marketing side. But “spring” is around the corner and now, with the help of a new marketing manager we’ll be pushing more on the marketing side. We expect more community involvement, regular social media posting, and participation in important events.

In conclusion, we continue as excited and committed as ever, passionate about the mix between blockchain and gaming! We’ll keep building, believing in our vision of creating a success sharing gaming ecosystem.

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