Uniswap Liquidity Migration

GG Dapp
2 min readApr 8, 2022

In case you missed out, earlier this week we migrated the liquidity we had in our ETH/GGTK pair in Uniswap V2 to a new pool in Uniswap V3. Uniswap V3 provides better capital efficiency and accuracy. The fee structure is very flexible and the liquidity providers can get high returns on their capital to provide liquidity with 4000x capital efficiency compared to v2.

GG Token (GGTK) is the native token of GG DApp and currently exists in 3 blockchains, Ethereum, Polygon and NULS. It’s available to buy in 2 exchanges, Uniswap in Ethereum and Quickswap in Polygon.

Increasing liquidity in Quickswap

We also moved 6% of the funds we had in Uniswap, in the Ethereum network, to the Polygon network, to increase the liquidity in our ETH/GGTK pair in Quickswap.

This is an important step since our open beta is deployed in Polygon and the ones who want to take advantage of the current staking pool need to have their GGTK in this network.

About GG DApp

GG DApp is an upcoming gaming platform and DeFi ecosystem, with NFTs at its core, that aims to reward players, developers and investors.

Learn more about how you can earn by staking your GGTK in the “GG DApp Open Beta” article.

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