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3 min readFeb 23, 2023

First of all, what is GGTK?

GG Token (GGTK) is GG DApp platform native token. It’s a token built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20), which means it is compatible with other Ethereum-based networks and can be stored in any Ethereum wallet.

GG DApp is an upcoming web3 gaming platform, plus GameFi ecosystem, that aims to reward players, developers, and liquidity providers.

In our vision, everyone who contributes to the success of a gaming project should be rewarded. There are three main actors involved in this success: Players, Developers and Liquidity Providers. Players are rewarded with crypto and NFT when they play our games; Developers are rewarded with GGTK through gaming pools when they integrate their project into our platform and, last but not least, Liquidity Providers are rewarded when they stake their GGTK in our staking pools.

In addition, the GGTK is presently supported on three different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, and NULS. It can be exchanged on Uniswap for Ethereum and Quickswap for Polygon, and NULSWAP for NULS.

So, why GGTK?

Simple, objective, and straight to the point:

You can stake it to earn from rewards

Our GG DApp Beta has been open since the end of 2021, allowing GGTK token holders to stake their tokens in the General Pool and receive additional GGTK as a reward.

Our reward system for GGTK is modeled similarly to that of Bitcoin, with a finite supply of 21 million GGTK available in total for rewards.

Every ten minutes, a distribution of 50 GGTK will occur, and approximately every four years, the total number of GGTK distributed in the GG DApp platform is reduced by half.

The distribution will be done between the several staking pools available. At this point in our current beta, only 20% of the distribution occurs, and it goes to the General Pool. Lately, we’ll start distributing the rest between the gaming pools and other staking pools that might open on other networks.

Because of the congestion issues on the Polygon network, we have opted to distribute rewards once per day. The daily reward amount remains at 1440 GGTK.

You can stake it to earn new tokens

In our vision GG DApp should act as a Web3 gaming launchpad and investment platform, for our own projects and also for external ones. Each gaming project represented by it’s own staking pool, what we call GG DApp’s gaming pools. Last year we opened our first Gaming Pool: the Simracer Coin (SRC) pool! The Simracer Coin staking pool provides its users with the opportunity to stake their GGTK tokens and receive SRC in exchange.

This gives our users the option to select between two staking pools to earn from. In addition, the Simracer Coin is tradeable for ETH on the exchange where we are currently listed, Catex.io.

Lots of space to grow

In the near future we aim to integrate new external gaming projects. And we take this opportunity to talk about GG DApp Pioneers, a program that intends to incentivize developers to integrate their gaming projects in GG DApp. We’ll reward these projects with GGTK based on the staking they receive and also a gaming pool that will be provided in GG DApp to each project, where they can determine how much of their native token they want to distribute amongst GG stakers.

So GGTK can be used to stake in the gaming projects and also to get rewarded with the native token of each project. In the future will be also possible to receive a percentage of each project’s sales/fees in GGTK.

We’re constantly working to add value to GG DApp

As we mentioned before, we are developing new projects that, although still in an initial stage, have great potential for growth. Those include Simthunder, our simracing assets marketplace, part of the Simracer Coin project, and Pirates 2048, our browser based pirate ship battle game.

In addition, in 2023, we plan to make GG DApp available on other networks in addition to Polygon, making the GG DApp a multi-chain Dapp. This will be one major milestone that we want to achieve this year.

So what are you waiting for to stake your GGTK?

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GG Dapp

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